Another Snag With My Wife’s Move To The iPhone 5….. Her Contacts Are Messed Up

You’ll recall that in this posting that I had used a program called InfoMigrator for Outlook to move her contacts over to Outlook from Palm Desktop. When I test drove the app before buying it (as they allow you to do that) everything seemed fine. But now it seems that her contacts have issues. In short the e-mail for person “x” is in contact “y” which is not good. Also, some first and last names are reversed as well as some other oddities that’s she’s noted. Thus she’s now pulled up Outlook and Palm Desktop and spending time correcting a few hundred contacts. At least at the end of this, she’ll have an accurate contact list in a program that is solid and is easily transferable. Getting there will involve some pain. The problem is that you’ve only got two choices for this sort of thing. A manual method such as this one, or paying for an application and hoping it works. I chose the latter and it sort of worked as her calendar items, to dos, and notes went over without a hitch. In the future, I’ll make sure that she stays in Outlook for her PIM needs and doesn’t get locked into a PIM such as Palm Desktop. I’ll also make sure that I do more testing to make sure that such a transfer works perfectly.

Other than that, her transition to iPhone is going fine. She’s installed a number of apps that covers everything from Starbucks to QR codes. And she’s getting comfortable with using the device. She’s experimented with the camera and discovered another shortcoming. Pictures taken on the iPhone don’t move over automatically to her Windows XP computer. So in this case, I used this support document from Apple to help me to show my wife how to use the Scanner and Camera Wizard. Not a big deal. But maybe this will be an incentive for her to move to a Mac rather than a Windows 7 (or Windows 8 PC) as this sort of stuff is far more integrated. But that’s not going to happen though.

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