Threat To Android Users Combined With Hacker Controlled Websites Equals Trouble: Symantec

Reading the Symantec Intelligence Reports every month really opens my eyes. The September report (Warning: PDF) is no different. It highlights a PHP-based tool in particular that is often used to control and manipulate the configuration of these Web servers. The tool can run arbitrary PHP code, brute force file transfer and database accounts, and even allows quick access to Web server configuration files so that the attacker can edit them in order to suit their malicious needs. That’s trouble for anyone who surfs to that website. It also highlights a threat to Android users in the form of an app that attempts to trick the user into thinking that they can charge their device with nothing but the rays of the sun. The only problem is, Android devices do not contain solar panels. Again, that’s trouble as this app steals sensitive information from the user.

Bottom line. You should read and be aware of what’s lurking out there and protect yourself accordingly.

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