PEER 1 Hosting Expands Strategic Alliance Partnership Program

PEER 1 Hosting is making news again. This time they’ve announced the launch of a program to increase its portfolio of strategic alliance partners. Here’s the value proposition from Mike Mayer, Global Channel Director for PEER 1 Hosting:

“The relationships PEER 1 Hosting has formed with partners such as Tier 3 and Magento are delivering significant competitive advantage to end users,” said Mike Mayer, Global Channel Director, PEER 1 Hosting. “Leading edge platforms deserve and demand optimised hosting environments. End users have the peace of mind of knowing that with our Strategic Alliance Partners, the technology and service we provide is completely compatible to deliver the best performance.”

You can check out the program here.

I also found out today how much of a player PEER 1 is when it comes to their infrastructure. They have 19 data centres and 21 Points of Presence across North America and EMEA. They also have their own high performance 10Gbps FastFiber Network, which spans 25k miles and connects its data centres, enabling it to offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Now that’s serious!


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