Spam Is Down, But New Threats Exist: Symantec

One of the things that I love bringing to you is the Symantec Intelligence Report as it gives you a heads up on what you have to look out for when you surf the Internet.

The the first thing that the report mentions is that there has been a more than 10% drop in the global spam rate (down from 75% of email traffic in September, down to 64.8% in October), and it examines some of the possible reasons for the sudden drop. I have to admit that if spam is down, I haven’t seen that drop in my spam filter.


The next thing it looks at is a new social networking scam that leverages Instagram to gather personal details and get users to sign up for premium-rate mobile services, among other things. This is something that can cost you a pile of cash so this is something that you need to be aware of. Finally it looks at the evolution of Ransomware. Again, something you need to be aware of.

The full report is here [Warning: PDF] for your review.

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