Google Dodges Anti-Trust Charges

Google had been the subject of anti-trust inquiries in the US over patents that it acquired when the company bought Motorola. The good news for the company that claims to “do no evil” is that the FTC has put an end to these inquiries as of last week. Though Google did have to bend on a few fronts including:

  • Giving its competitors access to its FRAND patents
  • Giving “online advertisers more flexibility to simultaneously manage ad campaigns on Google’s AdWords platform and on rival ad platforms”
  • Refraining “from misappropriating online content from so-called ‘vertical’ websites that focus on specific categories such as shopping or travel for use in its own vertical offerings.”

Now even with the above, you have to consider this to be a “win” for Google. Though I’m going to guess that dropping $25 million on lobbying helps as well.


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