Hey IT Nerd! What Do You Think Of The CRTC Hearings Into Canadian Cellphone Carriers?

For those who are reading this blog from someplace other than Canada, the CRTC is having hearings this week in an attempt to come up with a code of conduct for cell phone carriers in Canada. They feel that this is needed because of the fact that Canadian consumers feel that wireless carriers are taking advantage of Canadians by having long contracts and phones that are locked to a single carrier among other things. The CBC has a good write up on this topic.

So what do I think of these hearings? Not much really. Don’t get me wrong. Creating rules, boundaries, and limitations around how cell phone carriers behave is a start. But I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again. What’s needed is competition and competition of the Orange, T-Mobile, or Vodafone sort. If one of those carriers comes into this market and sets up shop, Rogers, Bell and Telus will change how they do business so fast that you’d get whiplash. None of what the CRTC is holding hearings over would happen if there was real competition. Thus the way to solve the problem is to let some competition in.


One Response to “Hey IT Nerd! What Do You Think Of The CRTC Hearings Into Canadian Cellphone Carriers?”

  1. In the very least it will work like peer pressure, reminding all of them they cannot continue to do this. I have found these reviews do work – the people at the helm simply fall apart from remorse and public shame.

    I am not sure if rules and regs will help initially – people are people and when shamed they rarely move on things right away. May take a while for changes to filter through. I don’t like being overcharged for a system that does not work, which is in all systems, across the board.

    The point is we as the consumer need the hearing – we need the ability to complain. If this were an issue with public health or water, we would need to review it. To me communication is an essential service – the infrastructure, like water.

    We have taken this for long enough. Let’s hear if they can also train their work force better. I wonder how many people that work for these companies also get treated this way, and I wonder why their customer service is allowed to get this bad. I also am interested in seeing what they do with my data that they overcharge me for.

    I personally would like to be able to affirm every change to my contract, live, via the internet every time something is changed. I would then okay it – so I would not have to have thing snuck up on me. I have had to replay tapes of our conversations of lying CS reps to get my money back.

    So I look forward to it.

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