BLACKIRON Data Has Tips For Emergency Preparedness

Public Safety Canada has coined May 5-11, 2013 as national Emergency Preparedness Week. Thus this is a good time to do what you have to do to minimize risk and be prepared for a disaster. BLACKIRON Data has some tips in that regard:

  •  It’s never too late to plan.  As we’ve seen with recent events, a flood or a storm can completely knock a business off its feet. Having a plan in place can help to mitigate damage and get the business back up and running in a timely fashion. With a plan in place, organizations are at less of a risk and are able to remove the stress of worrying about “what if?” Remember to test your plan and update it frequently.
  •  Put your data where it’s safest. Housing your data in a managed hosting or collocation facility is one of the best ways to guarantee your information will be safe and available during even the most unimaginable disasters. A colo data centre will have already completed the planning for you – they’ll have made sure they are at safe distance from a flood zone and that down time will not be an issue for your organization.
  • Know who to contact. If disaster strikes do you know who to contact in the event of an emergency? Develop a list of all necessary contacts (first responders to vendors). It is also a good idea to prepare a notice to inform customers of closures, so should a disaster happen, you will quickly have a playbook, so to speak, to work from.

The importance of planning for the worst cannot be overstated. Information is vital to business operations, what would happen to your business if that information was lost forever? Customers trust in organizations to protect and safeguard their personal information, having to collect the information again can not only be embarrassing, but damaging to your reputation. Thus you have to be prepared rather than be sorry later.




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