In Depth: RingCredible

Early this mooring (as in 6AM) I had a conversation with Hans Osnabrugge who is the CEO of a company called RingCredible which makes a VoIP alternative that promises super affordable long distance calls with excellent sound quality from your smartphone over 3G, 4G or WiFi. In fact, Mr. Osnabrugge spoke to me via RingCredible and the sound quality was pretty good. Plus it shows confidence when you’re willing to use your own product in a media demo.

Now, someone reading this is going to say “what about Skype?” For starters, Skype has a bunch of features other than long distance calling such as voice calling and peer to peer calling. RingCredible doesn’t do any of that as it is strictly focused on long distance voice calls. The reason being that in Canada like many countries, long distance calling is expensive. Let’s take Canada for example. As I’ve said on many occasions, even though there are three big telcos in the form of Bell, Rogers and Telus, rates for telecom services are higher than they should be thanks to the oligopoly that exists in this market. Now Skype does bring that cost down a bit, but RingCredible is even cheaper than Skype. If you take a look at their rates, you can get as low as $0.01 a minute. Thus this makes RingCredible a disruptive force in the same way that an app like What’s App has done to text messaging.

The RingCredible app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and for Windows. I’ll be downloading a copy and writing a review in the next week. Stay tuned.


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