In Depth: AppGyver Steroids ToolBelt

Recently I had a look at a rapid application development environment called AppGyver which allows someone to  quickly build, test, preview and deploy fully functioning HTML5 mobile apps that are totally indistinguishable from native ones. AppGyver Co-Founder & CEO  Marko Lehtimaki walked me through developing an application. From my standpoint, the process is very easy. Using a tool called AppGyver Steroids ToolBelt, development of apps on both iOS an and Android can be simple, quick and dare I say enjoyable process. Here’s a video that shows you how the environment works:

One key feature is that will interest iOS developers is that you don’t need to get a Mac to develop for iOS. This can open up app development to people who would normally be on the sidelines. Also, if you’re using a product using PhoneGap to develop your apps, Steroids ToolBelt is completely compatible so that you can leverage your existing PhoneGap projects.

ToolBelt is in a private beta at the moment. You can sign up here. If you’re developing or interested in developing apps for iOS and Android, you need to look at AppGyver Steroids ToolBelt. It’s very much worth a look.

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