Review: Google Nexus 4 – Part 2

The camera that comes with the Google Nexus 4 is 8MP with a 4x zoom that has a couple of cute tricks. While you can record, you can snap stills and it has a pretty good burst mode. To test this camera, I once again visited Pearson International Airport and I went to the west side of the airport where planes were landing. First the stills. Click on them to see them in full resolution:

IMG_20130609_175505 IMG_20130609_181852

As for the video, the Nexus 4 will do 1080P video as evidenced by this example. Don’t forget to set it to full screen and choose 1080P:

The one thing that I note is that the audio sounds a bit flat on this phone versus other phones I’ve tested recently.

Now, how about the battery life? It’s going to get you through the day and into the next with average usage which is pretty good. Another thing that I’ll give the Nexus 4 credit for is the fact that it has haptic feedback so that typing feels a bit more realistic which is important for guys like me who learned to type on a typewriter. Finally, the sound quality is good. I could head callers and they could hear me just fine.

So, what’s the verdict? Here’s why you may be a candidate to buy this phone:

  • You are someone who wants a smartphone with a stock version of Android so that you can customize it exactly the way you want it.
  • You hate all the bells and whistles that come with Android smartphones because you want to keep it basic.
  • You want a smartphone with the Android OS and you want to keep costs down. After all, it’s $49 on a 2 year term which is hard to beat.

Now if you’re someone who want an Android smartphone with things like HTC’s Sense UI or something similar, or you want it to come with a ton of built in apps and functions out of the box, this isn’t the phone for you. Having said that, I think that this smartphone will attract more people than it turns off because of the fact that it’s a basic smartphone at a excellent price. Check it out if you’re in the market for an Android smartphone and I think you might agree.


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