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Babylon By TELUS Health Launches Healthcheck AI-driven Health Assessment Tool

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Too often, individuals pay attention to their health only once they are unwell. In many cases, this is because they lack an understanding of their current health status and the impact of decisions on their health.

Babylon by TELUS Health’s Healthcheck is an AI-driven health assessment tool designed by doctors, scientists and epidemiologists to give users a more holistic view of their overall health and provide recommendations for actionable changes to reduce a patient’s risk for disease. 

Healthcheck offers the following features:

  • Assessment: An engaging, conversational chatbot interface asks users about their medical history and lifestyle factors to assess their current health status and predict their future disease risks.
  • Digital Twin: Assessment results are presented through a Digital Twin, a realistic representation of the human body broken down by organs, which users can explore to gain a better understanding of their risks and the factors affecting them.
  • Insights: Through the detailed assessment of medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle and mood, Healthcheck creates a clinically accurate projection of the user’s potential risk for disease and suggests lifestyle changes to reduce their risk levels.

As Canadians face a potential second wave of the COVID-19 virus, it will be important that they are provided reliable and insightful tools and resources to maintain their health and well-being. Thus you might want to check out Healthcheck should the need arise.

TELUS Helps Keep Canadians Safe With New Critter Masks

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As parents, teachers, and young Canadians prepare for an unconventional return to class, TELUS is supporting and protecting communities across the country by encouraging Canadians to wear a face mask to protect others from exposure to COVID. Limited-edition, youth-sized masks are now on sale in packs of three for $35 on as well as in select TELUS stores, with all proceeds going to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation (TFFF), supporting COVID-19 relief efforts across the country. 

Earlier this year, TELUS team members and retirees embarked on a journey to support Canadian charities working to help those most impacted by the global pandemic with a goal of raising $250,000 for the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation. Since the initial launch in June, the TELUS critter masks have raised more than $200,000 which will go towards the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation’s COVID- 19 relief efforts. In addition, TELUS team members and retirees have sewn more than 130,000 masks as part of TELUS’ annual Days of Giving. 

The reusable cloth masks featuring TELUS’ loveable critters and nature themes are available, in youth and adult sizes, while quantities last. The TELUS branded masks are dual-layered, made out of 100 percent recycled polyester on the outside and 100 percent organic cotton on the inside, adhering to the guidelines set by the TELUS Medical Advisory Council. 

Since the beginning of March, TELUS has dedicated $150 million to support Canadians through the COVID-19 crisis. Driven by the philosophy We Give Where We Live, the TELUS team has contributed $1.3 billion in value, time, and financial support to Canadian charities and grassroots organizations since 2000, making TELUS one of the most giving companies in the world. 

To purchase the limited-edition critter masks, visit To learn more about the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and how to donate visit

Infographic: New Virtual Care Survey From Nanos Research x TELUS Health

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Here’s new data on virtual care/COVID from Nanos Research and TELUS Health. The recent surveyof Ontarians has shown that close to half of Ontario residents report having delayed care for themselves or a loved one during the pandemic out of fear of being exposed to the virus in hospitals or clinics.

View the full report here.

UPDATE: TELUS Health commissioned this survey to get a better understanding of the virtual care landscape during COVID-19. They saw an uptick in the use of their virtual care solutions during the pandemic, particularly Babylon by TELUS Health. The service saw a tenfold increase in consultations since the pandemic, and is now available in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

LG Velvet 5G Is Now Available On The TELUS 5G Network

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The LG Velvet 5G is now available at TELUS, a bold new device featuring AI-optimized sound, sleek design and a 6.8” POLED display, all on the TELUS 5G network

A few key features include:

  • 48 MP camera to capture astonishing detail –  Every memory comes to life in high-res clarity and colour. Photos stay sharp, even when you zoom in. 
  • Immerse yourself in sound  With the LG 3D Sound Engine, AI recognizes what you’re listening to and applies the ideal setting. 
  • 5G-capable for unrivalled performance – TELUS 5G is connecting Canadians for good. Enjoy increased speeds, reliability and capacity with the LG Velvet 5G on the TELUS 5G

With all of the latest technology now at your fingertips, customers can also take advantage of TELUS’ Peace of Mind plans where they’ll enjoy endless data, endless fun without worrying about overages. 

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Is Now Available For Pre-order At TELUS

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TELUS is excited to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G devices are now available for pre-order at The latest Samsung devices will be available for purchase at on August 21, 2020.

Customers can get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G today with the TELUS Easy Payment® device financing, starting at $0 upfront*, on the TELUS 5G network. Plus, customers who get the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G device on a minimum two year term can select from two gift with purchase options. Customers can either receive the Samsung Buds Live, valued at $249.99, or the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Bundle, which includes a MOGA XP5-X+ Controller, a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a Wireless Charger Duo, valued at over $320.

TELUS Launches Track+ LTE Connected Tracker

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TELUS is launching Track+, a new connected tracker that enables consumers to easily track and locate what they care about most , from pets, to luggage, purses and more. 

Users can enjoy the benefits of TELUS Track+ anywhere in Canada or the US using LTE connection for added peace of mind when travelling. Other core features include:

  • Custom Safety Zones – Set invisible boundaries for your tracker around important locations, like your house or backyard, and get notified when your tracker enters or leaves a Safety Zone. For example, with included accessories like the pet collar attachment, users will be notified if their pet wanders out of their backyard. 
  • Locate Now – Check the location of your tracker at any time to ensure what’s important to you is where they’re supposed to be and easily locate items when they go missing with location updates.
  • Light sensors: If the lighting around your tracker changes from dark to light, you’ll know that your luggage or bag was opened without you.
  • On-device ringer: If you know you’re close to your tracker but can’t see it, ring your tracker directly from the app until it’s found. 

For more information, please visit

TELUS Ranked As Canada’s Fastest Mobile Network & Canada’s Fastest Internet Provider

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TELUS announced today that it has been named the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in Canada by New York-based PCMag, in addition to earning 2020 Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage Speedtest Awards™ in Canada from Seattle-based Ookla® for Q1-Q2 2020. PCMag recognized TELUS as the speed master in Canadian internet among the major ISPs. Ookla compared user-initiated tests from all the major mobile carriers in Canada to determine who showed the fastest mobile network speeds and best coverage. TELUS achieved the leading Speed Score™ of 72.11, with average speeds of 87.31 Mbps for download and 13.04 Mbps for upload.

This recognition complements the outstanding record of achievement in network excellence TELUS has earned over the years in respect of their world-leading networks in Canada. In 2020 alone, TELUS has also been recognized by other global industry-leading experts, including UK-based Opensignal, for tying for #1 in the world for fastest mobile network speeds, and Victoria-based Tutela, for winning awards for Excellent Quality, Download Throughput, and Latency in Canada.

Since 2000, TELUS has invested $200 billion in network infrastructure, spectrum, and operations to enhance the coverage, speed, and reliability of its world-class networks and connect customers from coast to coast to coast. TELUS is investing a further $40 billion over the next three years in critical technology to support the roll out of 5G networks which will enhance innovation and help drive economic development and productivity across industries in a new age of hyper-connectedness.

TELUS Ventures Invests In Zebra Medical Vision

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One of Canada’s most active Corporate Venture Capital funds, TELUS Ventures, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Zebra Medical Vision, a deep-learning medical imaging analytics company. The partnership will enable better health outcomes for Canadians. 

Here are some key details about the partnership and about TELUS Ventures:

  • This investment enables Zebra Medical Vision to expand its presence in Canada, bringing new artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance healthcare outcomes for Canadians. Zebra-Med’s technology provides radiologists a fully automated analysis of medical images to quickly identify acute medical findings and chronic diseases.
  • Zebra-Med’s FDA approved population health solution leverages AI to stratify risk, and will help improve quality of life for Canadian patients and reduce the cost of care. Zebra-Med recently joined the battle against the pandemic, using its AI solution for COVID-19 detection and disease progression tracking.   
  • TELUS Ventures is focused on building a strong portfolio to support the growing health technology market, including digital solutions for preventive care and patient self-management. This collaboration underscores TELUS Ventures’ continued dedication to advancing the delivery of new technologies that drive better health outcomes for Canadians. 

More details can be found in the press release which can be found here

New Technology From TELUS Health Lets Saskatchewan Health Authority Remotely Monitor Lung Transplant Patients

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TELUS Health today announced the expansion of its Home Health Monitoring (HHM) solution to digitally monitor the recovery of lung transplant patients across Saskatchewan. Launched in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and eHealth Saskatchewan, this digital health dashboard enables a virtual healthcare team to provide medical support remotely, for patients in real-time as they recover in their own homes.

Easily accessible through a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, the TELUS Health HHM solution sends daily prompts to patients to report their biometrics such as spirometry (i.e. lung function), blood pressure and overall health condition. If patients do not have their own digital health tools, they are provided with biometric devices such as bluetooth-connected weight scales and blood pressure cuffs in order to monitor their vitals and enter them into their daily report. This data then is sent electronically to the care team so it can be viewed on the digital dashboard, allowing regular and remote monitoring of a patient’s well-being. This gives clinicians the ability to review crucial patient data in real-time, allowing them to identify any urgent care needs and mitigate risks such as possible infection, incision issues, and/or neurocognitive impairment.

Transplant patients have compromised immune systems, particularly during the first month following the transplant operation due to the use of immunosuppressant medication to help prevent the body’s rejection of a donor organ. Monitoring vitals is crucial to a healthy recovery as is ensuring patients can recover in the safety of their own homes amidst the current pandemic so there is no increased risk of exposure to the virus. HHM helps give patients peace of mind knowing they are still connected to their healthcare team for monitoring without having to physically remain in hospital.

It is estimated that the TELUS Health HHM solution and lung transplant monitoring program will support 60 to 70 Saskatchewanians for the lifetime of their transplant. Ongoing discussions are underway to expand the use of HHM for the remote monitoring of individuals with heart conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

The launch of the HHM solution for transplant patients is another collaboration between TELUS Health and Saskatchewan’s public health system. In October 2019, the Saskatchewan government launched MySaskHealthRecord, a website that enables Saskatchewan residents to easily access their personal health information, including medical imaging results, laboratory tests and clinical visit history.

The TELUS Health HHM solution has been used in British Columbia since 2013 to remotely monitor thousands of patients living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and respiratory diseases. Of those with heart or respiratory issues, 81 per cent reported fewer emergency room visits and 92 per cent reported fewer hospital admissions. The solution is currently being used in B.C. and other provinces to support those with or at a high risk of contracting COVID-19.  Over 1400 BC Citizens have been monitored for COVID-19 to date. 

Building off of these successful initiatives in B.C. and Saskatchewan, discussions with other provincial health authorities are underway to provide HHM technology to even more Canadians in various areas of care.

Bell Chooses Ericsson As 5G Equipment Supplier…. Telus Announces Ericsson and Nokia As 5G Equipment Suppliers….. And Huawei Is Out…. Maybe….

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Yesterday, Bell dropped a press release announcing that they were going with Ericsson for their 5G network. What’s significant about this is that Bell is, or I guess was a Huawei customer. I am guessing that Bell made the decision that dealing with Huawei isn’t good for business. Thus they made the switch to Ericsson.

So with this move by Bell, and the fact that Rogers has also tapped Ericsson for their 5G network, the last of the “big three” telcos to be working on a 5G rollout is TELUS. They also dropped a press release of their own yesterday announcing Ericsson and Nokia as partners to build their 5G network. Here’s where things get weird. Earlier this year TELUS announced that Huawei would supply gear for its 5G rollout. Something that did not go over well with customers. Which suggests that TELUS is not proceeding with Huawei. Or it suggests that this is in addition to the Huawei gear that they announced that they were going to use earlier this year. It isn’t clear, and I am already seeing backlash from TELUS customers who think that TELUS is still using Huawei gear. Which makes TELUS look bad. Thus if I could give TELUS some advice, they might want to clear that up and do so quickly.

Thus it appears that Huawei is maybe being dumped by “big three” telcos. They definitely are not being used by two of them for sure. This makes me wonder what future Huawei has in Canada. It also makes me wonder if a decision on Huawei is coming from the Canadian government as it is kind of coincidental that both of these telcos came out with announcements that appear to leave Huawei in the cold on the same day.