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CCTS Mid Year Report Is Out…. Surprise! Bell Is The Most Complained About Telco In Canada

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In a sure sign that Canadian telcos are frustrating and infuriating their customers, The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) published their mid year report and noted that complaints are way up. And by that I mean a 73% increase over this time last year. And what are people complaining about? Here’s the number one issue:

The most frequently-raised issue in complaints remains the non-disclosure or inaccurate information about the terms under which a service is being provided. This is by far the most problematic issue for wireless customers. For TV and phone customers, the largest area of concern is incorrect charges, and for internet customers the number one concern is quality of service.

Hmmm…. Bell have been accused of that recently. I wonder how they finished in this report. Let’s rank the telcos in order:

  1. Bell with 2275 complaints
  2. Rogers with 707 complaints
  3. Telus with 511 complaints

Additional details can be found here.

That’s not a shock that Bell is number one seeing as the sort of stupid stuff that they’ve been caught doing recently have surely annoyed Canadian consumers from coast to coast. It illustrates just how bad their customer service is. It’s also a major reason why I haven’t switched from Rogers to Bell for my telco services. Sure Bell has a way better Internet offering than Rogers. And unlike Rogers they support the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. But their customer service is so bad and they have a reputation of “baiting and switching” when it comes to their pricing, that I would rather just live with what I get, and don’t get from Rogers than to switch to Bell. By the way, Rogers shouldn’t be celebrating Bell’s misfortune as they got caught doing some of the same things that Bell has been accused of.

One other data point. Clearly the increase in complaints is affecting the CCTS too as they have a job posting for people to help them to field all the complaints that are coming in. That shows the level of discontent that Canadians have when it comes to telcos.

If I were an exec at any of the three major telcos that was responsible for customer service, I would looking at this report and say to myself that I need to up my game. Then go about improving things so that my customers don’t complain. But when it comes to Bell specifically, they need to take a bit of a different angle as this just further highlights how bad they are as a telco when it comes to how they treat customers. And I don’t know how they fix that so that they can regain the trust of Canadians. Bell has a good product offering, but without quality customer service, that doesn’t mean anything.


Telus Announces Drive+ Device Promo

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Telus has seen a lot of interest in Drive+ which is their connected car option powered by Mojio at Telus.

Customers have been taking advantage of the easy to access maintenance info and driving habits, while maintaining their peace of mind with features like virtual geofences and vehicle tracking.

Between April 3 to April 30 we are offering Drive+ with a $0 upfront cost on a 2 year term. Additionally, this $10/month option still includes all of the Drive+ benefits and a bonus 1GB of shareable data to customers’ SharePlus and Your Choice plans.

If you want more info on the device which comes from ZTE and is sold by all three major Canadian carriers, click here.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Are Coming To Telus

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are coming to Telus and their customers looking to pick up Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones can pre-order online at Telus starting today.

To sweeten the deal and get the most out of their new smartphones, Telus customers who pre-order the new Samsung S9 or S9+ between Feb 26 and Mar 15 will receive a $150 bill credit applied to their accounts.

As usual, some restrictions apply. But you use the links above to get all the details.

Koodo & TELUS To Enable Voice Commands Through Google Assistant

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Koodo and Telus customers will soon be able to utilize voice commands on Google Home and other Google Assistant enabled mobile devices, such as the Google Pixel 2, to check billing details, manage data usage, send SMS and make phone calls.

Launching next month, Koodo will be the first carrier in Canada to offer this service option to its customers in both English and French. Telus customers eager to use this new service option can expect availability later this year.

Both companies are continually improving their customers’ experiences and enabling service options through tools like Google Assistant is just one example of how they’re  making it easier to access the products and services Canadians use to connect.


Telus Tops In LTE Speed Says OpenSignal

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The 2018 OpenSignal Report was released this morning and Telus was recognized as ranking highest for fastest overall download speeds for a second year in a row in addition to placing first, either alone or tied, in every category reported by Open Signal including: 4G download speed, 3G download speed, download speed overall, 4G latency, 3G latency and 4G availability. Here’s what OpenSignal had to say:

In our 4G speed tests, Telus not only established a commanding lead over its competitors, it demonstrated some truly remarkable results. Our average 4G download for Telus  was 44.5 Mbps, which is among the fastest individual operator results we’ve measured on a nationwide level. But when we drilled down into our speed results for Toronto and Montreal, Telus’s speeds only increased. In Montreal, Telus’s average tested download topped 62 Mbps, while in Toronto we measured its speed at an exceptional 70.4 Mbps.

Keep in mind that this is the latest in a string of good news for Telus. In 2017, TELUS won every major mobile network award including J.D. Power, Ookla and PCMag. Thus, it clearly establishes Telus a leading player in the cell phone space in Canada

TELUS Announces New App For Expecting Parents That Will Create Baby’s First Digital Health Records

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Today, TELUS Health announced the launch of the TELUS Baby Health app, a free digital tool to create a health record for infants and an educational resource for new and expecting parents. Through a partnership with The Baby Box Company, a global organization that empowers new parents with access to free education and resources that are essential to helping babies have a healthy start, TELUS Health will offer the TELUS Baby Health app to Canadian parents via Baby Boxes. Baby Boxes contain free products and information for parents and are also fitted with a Health Canada-certified mattress, creating a safe sleeping environment for babies until they can pull themselves up.

The TELUS Baby Health app supports parents in taking control of their baby’s health by tracking and monitoring their child’s health information and developmental milestones from birth, creating an easy-to-access, digital health record on a smartphone or tablet. The app not only keeps a baby’s important health information in one place, but also gives parents access to a rich library of curated video and written content, arming them with the information they need during their infant’s first 18 months.

Reliable access to a child’s historic health information enables Canadian parents to be more informed about their child’s wellbeing and proactively monitor their health. Further, using a digital tool that can be easily accessed and updated in real-time with information such as allergies, immunizations, medications and illnesses not only builds a child’s health history, but also keeps all information in one place for quick reference when visiting healthcare providers and helps to create stronger doctor-patient communication.

More than a decade ago, TELUS made a bold decision to leverage its world-class innovation and technology to tackle the challenges facing Canada’s healthcare system. Since then, the company has invested $2 billion to bring health solutions to market that improve collaboration and the flow of patient information across primary healthcare providers. Digital tools, such as the TELUS Baby Health app, can help shift how the majority of Canadians currently manage their health by empowering them to proactively monitor their well-being and have improved access to their complete health information.

Baby Boxes will be available nationwide in English and French. The TELUS Baby Health app is currently available in English with new content being added regularly; a French version of the app will be available in the coming months containing French parenting content. To download the app for free, parents can visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Also of note, for every account registered on the TELUS Baby Health app, TELUS will give $5 to Make-A-Wish Canada until November 2018, up to a maximum of $10,000, to help fulfill the hopes and dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

For more information visit: and follow the conversation on social media using #BabyHealthApp.


People Who Have Bell & Telus $60/10GB Plans Can’t Have Apple Watch Series 3 On Them… Customers Outraged

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It seems that if you were one of the many Canadians who rushed to get a $60/10GB plan from Bell, and you have an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, you might have a problem. Based on these Tweets, you can’t add an Apple Watch Series 3 onto that plan:

In two of the Tweets above, it seems that reps for Bell said to those customers that they could add an Apple Watch. Only to find out later that they couldn’t. Thus it seems that Bell still has issues when it comes to dealing with their customers in an upfront manner.

But Bell isn’t alone in this. Telus customers seem to have the same issue:

As for Rogers….. Well…. They still don’t have Apple Watch Series 3 support at all. But clearly those Canadians who wanted a cheap cell phone plan because Canadians get screwed by cell phone carriers may have to give up those plans if they want an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. That shows you what Canadian telcos think of their customers.


UPDATE: Telus seems to have bigger issues. Apparently you can’t add an Apple Watch to a Telus corporate plan either:

But it also seems that Telus might have a workaround to not being able to add an Apple Watch to their $60/10GB plans:

If this is accurate, then it looks like Bell might be the big loser here. If you’re a Telus customer and you have an Apple Watch with your $60/10GB plan via this method, an email or a tweet to me confirming that this works would be really appreciated.