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The TELUS Data Trust Survey Reveals Some Interesting Facts On How Canadians View Data Privacy

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It’s Data Privacy Week – an issue that is top of mind as federal government is about to discuss.

Bill C-27, proposed to strengthen Canada’s private sector law while ensuring the privacy of Canadians will be protected and that innovative businesses can benefit from clear rules as technology continues to evolve.

In a recent poll, commissioned by TELUS, only 30 per cent of Canadians trust organizations to protect their personal information, and more than half of Canadians feel confident data and technology can be used to positively impact healthcare, education, safety and security. Here’s some other key points from the TELUS Data Trust Survey:

About the survey:

  • The purpose of TELUS’ Data Trust Survey was to explore Canadians’ feelings around data privacy and trust to drive conversations in light of rapid digital transformation of our economy and lives.
  • Trust, as it pertains to data, is essential to technological and social innovation. With data breaches on the rise, it’s more important than ever for organizations to protect the data entrusted to them and to be transparent about how data is used and protected to maintain and build trust.


  • Audience: Responses were nationally representative from 2,016 Canadian adults, 18years of age or older
  • Timeframe: August 31, 2022 to September 19, 2022
  • Location: Canada
  • Language: English, French
  • Sample provider: Dynata, Inc.Key Survey Findings

Canadians care about their data privacy.

  • 97% of Canadians feel they understand what personal information is.
  • More than eight-in-ten claim to understand how their personal information can be usedonline.
  • Three-quarters of Canadians take regular steps to protect their personal information.
  • More than half are extremely concerned about personal information and online privacy.

Half have experienced a breach, impacting their trust.

  • In the last two years, almost half of Canadians experienced some sort of breach.
  • Since experiencing a breach, two-thirds of Canadians have become more guarded with their personal information.
  • Since experiencing a breach30% of Canadians have lost trust with the company associated with the breach.

Canadians believe in the power of technology for good.

  • Half of Canadians are extremely excited about technology improvements.
  • More than half of Canadians feel confident data and technology can be used topositively impact healthcare, education, safety and security.
  • 42% believe that sharing data with trustworthy companies can provide them with usefulproducts and services

Trust matters to Canadians when choosing companies to engage with.

  • 79% of Canadians agree that a company’s reputation for how it treats personal information and privacy changes the way they think about the company or brand.
  • 62% are more likely to buy products or use services from companies they trust.
  • Only 31% trust organizations to protect their personal information.
  • Nearly one-quarter of Canadians say they don’t trust telecoms, 14% say they don’t trustvirtual care providers.

UWindsor Secures $5M Partnership With TELUS To Propel 5G Research

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The University of Windsor (UWindsor) and TELUS today announced the launch of a 5G connected campus and commercial lab to support advanced research with 5G technology and establish the university as a go-to centre for innovation. TELUS, a world-leading communications technology company, is investing $5 million as part of a multi-year agreement that began in 2020 to fuel the development of new applications for 5G technology. The collaboration will not only support multidisciplinary research in the agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) sectors, but will transform UWindsor campuses to enhance teaching, innovation and collaboration.

Beyond the development of the 5G commercial lab, the central space in the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering and Innovation will be named the TELUS Atrium. The area is fostering collaborative concept discovery, ideation and creativity as students and researchers build solutions that meet today’s global challenges. Initial joint projects include:

Equipping connected vehicles for cross-border travel using 5G

  • Working with the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and policy makers to better equip connected vehicles to solve cross border challenges, including congestion and supply chain obstacles, using 5G.

Developing new cybersecurity applications for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) 

  • In collaboration with Mitacs, a nonprofit national research organization, this project will explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to identify potential vulnerabilities and access points in CAVs, enhancing safety and security.

Exploring the effective use of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in high-tech greenhouses to enable more efficient food production

  • UWindsor has partnered with Horteca to launch a two-acre, fully-operational connected research greenhouse in Harrow, Ontario. Using 5G network technology, the greenhouse will use IoT and compute capabilities to make food production more scalable, while reducing cost and footprint.

TELUS’ next generation networks are unleashing human productivity and contributing to improved health and educational outcomes, supporting environmental sustainability, fostering entrepreneurship, bridging the socio-economic divide, and driving economic growth. The agreement will build on the strength of existing partnerships to provide UWindsor and industry and community partners with the infrastructure, expertise and processes to enable new collaborations driving future public-cooperation agreements.

The TELUS 5G network currently reaches approximately 80 per cent of the Canadian population from coast-to-coast as part of its significant $70 billion investment to further develop infrastructure and operations through 2026, demonstrating its commitment to connecting Canadians and driving remarkable social outcomes in our communities. To learn more about TELUS’ 5G network visit

To learn more about UWindsor’s research and innovation programs, visit

Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing welcomes TELUS Health as exclusive provider for mental health services

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The Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing (CCAW), a new not-for-profit organization launched on November 17, 2022, is on a mission to support farmers and their families with a research-to-action approach to mental health. With TELUS Health’s expertise and proven ability to deliver, the CCAW has welcomed them as the exclusive clinical and technology provider for Canadian farmers who are facing catastrophic events, as well as for farmers who don’t have access to provincial and federal programming.

From floods, to pandemics and supply chain disruptions, farmers face many uncontrollable and unforeseen events that can impact their mental health. These types of events often result in higher than average rates of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues among farmers. According to the 2019 Report of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food, 45% of farmers reported high stress levels, and 45% indicated they would not reach out for help if they were in need, due to the stigma around mental health.

The Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing is a research-to-action organization supporting farm mental health across Canada. For more information visit

Impact-Driven Vancouver Biotech Startup Wins $100k+ Investment

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As Spring Activator‘s Women-led Impact Investor Challenge, presented by the TELUS Pollinator Fund came to a close Tuesday evening, we are excited to announce Dr. Karolina Valente of Voxcell BioInnovation Inc. was awarded a $100k+ investment from a cohort of both experienced and emerging impact investors.  

VoxCell BioInnovation Inc. is creating fully vascularized, human-like cancer tissue models by combining a custom high-resolution 3D bioprinter, advanced vascularization software, and proprietary bioinks. VoxCell aims to accelerate the development of life-saving anti-cancer drugs by providing tissue models that can identify viable candidates earlier in the drug-development pipeline.

The Impact Investor Challenge was created to help impact-driven businesses receive the capital and knowledge needed to succeed.The Pitch Finale is the pivotal moment in which we collectively make this happen for one impact venture! 

More details can be found here.

Propagate joins TELUS Pollinator Fund as newest portfolio company

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Propagate, a commercial agroforestry platform, has closed a $10M Series A led by Belgium-based The Nest. Other investors included Agfunder, the TELUS Pollinator Fund for GoodTechstars, and Neglected Climate Opportunities, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust, and more.

Propagate is a software, development and financing ecosystem that makes it easy for farms to transition acreage to agroforestry. Their platform provides access to agronomic insights, technical assistance, and financing so that farms can reduce risk while integrating fruit, nut, and timber trees with animal or crop farming systems.

Founded in 2017, Propagate is a Techstars-backed company, a portfolio company of Elemental Excelerator as well as a partner of USDA’s Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities. Propagate currently advises over 20,000 acres of agroforestry, supporting over 760,000 trees & shrubs. The company also actively manages over 600+ commercial acres, and growing, through its regional agroforestry hubs.

Today, the startup works with farmers, agribusinesses, and service providers to design and install tree-crop systems that work in tandem with existing farm operations. The Propagate ecosystem of products & services includes regenerative farm planning and management software (Overyield), commercial agroforestry development (Propagate Farm Services), and equity investments for agroforestry transition (Agroforestry Partners).

Overyield is a SaaS-based agroforestry farm planning and management software that provides farm design, crop suitability as well as agronomic insights so that the cost, revenues, yield projects, and labor assumptions are transparent by crop by year in order to make implementation easier. This platform can take a project idea from computer screen to productive agroforestry in a matter of hours. As a testament to this timeline, it used to take 80 hours to map out an installation but with Overyield’s project assessment and profitability scoping tools, it only takes eight.

This fundraise will support the company’s efforts to roll out profitability and production forecasting tools within Overyield, hire more experts to the team, and ultimately plant more trees onto the 158 million acres of farmland that are suitable for tree crops in the US. This capital injection follows some serious momentum for the maturing startup. The company raised a $1.5 million seed round in 2020 and in the past year, it has doubled business while planting an additional 37,000 trees in 2022 on farms in NY, Ohio, Kentucky, and Hawaii to name a few locations as well as being awarded as a partner in a $60 million grant from the USDA Climate-Smart Commodities program.

Now the opportunity to scale agroforestry is larger than ever. With $9 trillion earmarked for funding of ESG opportunities between 2022 – 2025, and increasing commitments from corporations to reduce emissions, agroforestry is the most effective climate solution that exists today for the food & ag industry.

Steinberg notes that a 2-3x net increase in profitability per acre is possible with agroforestry. While the long term business case offers an attractive return, overcoming the financing gap is paramount to realizing agroforestry’s value. The Propagate team looked to the solar industry for inspiration, and recently launched Agroforestry Partners to support the growing industry’s project finance needs.

With a comprehensive platform that is already being put to work to institutionalize agroforestry, Propagate is continuing to bring its software, development and financing products to market while supporting tree crop types from shrub fruits like blackcurrant and elderberry to chestnut to timber. The team is also working on Mediterranean and tropical crops with an eye towards global agroforestry needs and plans to expand its team.

Desjardins Insurance teams up with TELUS Health to expand access to health and wellness services

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Desjardins Insurance and TELUS Health have announced today a new collaboration that will bring TELUS Health’s leading health and well-being services to members and other eligible individuals from group insurance plans administered by Desjardins. With access to hundreds of health professionals and other certified advisors, Desjardins will now be able to offer an improved range of services that will better support a positive work-life balance at every step of the wellness journey.

As Canada’s largest Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, TELUS Health was able to quickly customise a solution for Desjardins when they were in search of a new supplier, taking into account the unique needs and expectations of members of Desjardins’ group insurance plans. The joint effort with Desjardins is an ideal example of how TELUS Health can work alongside its clients to build healthy communities across Canada.

Building upon their long-standing business relationship, TELUS Health successfully and rapidly extended its Employee and Manager Assistance Programs (EAP/MAP) for Desjardins to include:

  • Mental Health Support: access to a range of clinical professionals to address growing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression;
  • Crisis Management: broad support options in case of personal crises, traumatic events or workplace incidents;
  • Legal and Financial Support: general advice from certified professionals;
  • Referral Services: connections to a wide variety of ancillary services, including finding the right care for their loved ones, whether that be a daycare or a senior’s residence.

TELUS and Adera complete new Smart Building in North Vancouver

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TELUS continues to grow its Residential Smart Building footprint with the completion of RED Lower Lynn, a new rental development located in North Vancouver’s vibrant Lynn Creek community. In partnership with west coast modern design builder Adera, this six-storey, 88-unit complex features TELUS’ cutting edge smart building technology and automation, offering luxury and comfort paired with savings and efficiency. Residents at RED Lower Lynn can control their smart suites from their smartphones through the easy-to-use TELUS Residential Smart Building app, giving them the flexibility to remotely lock and unlock their keyless doors, or adjust their lights from anywhere, at any time. 

With TELUS Residential Smart Building, residents are conveniently notified on their smartphone when someone opens the door, the temperature needs to be adjusted, or someone requires entry. RED Lower Lynn’s building operators are also using TELUS Residential Smart Building to access the latest in security technology, 24-hour monitoring, and tools to increase building efficiency, which reduces their carbon footprint and operating expenses. 

To help showcase TELUS Residential Smart Building technology and what it can offer residents and building operators, TELUS has secured a demo suite inside RED Lower Lynn located at 1550 Oxford St, North Vancouver. Anyone in the Vancouver area can experience the benefits of living in a Smart Building by emailing to arrange a tour. 

Find out more about TELUS Residential Smart Building, powered by Canada’s fastest network, by visiting

TELUS launches fourth annual Indigenous Reconciliation & Connectivity Report

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Today, TELUS released its fourth annual Indigenous Reconciliation & Connectivity Report, detailing how the company embeds Reconciliation within its business, and sharing inspiring stories of connectivity and modern technology enabling transformative outcomes for Indigenous businesses and communities. Last year, TELUS was the first technology company in Canada to launch a public Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan, and remains committed to Indigenous engagement as a cornerstone of its actions moving into 2023 and beyond.

TELUS’ Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan is underpinned by four pillars with measurable targets and timelines. Key milestones for 2022 include:

  • Connectivity: In partnership with Indigenous governments, TELUS connected 12 more Indigenous lands to broadband Internet in 2022. Now, more than 83% of homes, small businesses, and governing bands on Indigenous land can access high-speed internet and participate in digital tools.
  • Enabling social outcomes: The Indigenous Communities Fund provided $100,000 in grants to five Indigenous-led organizations, focused on mental health and well-being; language and cultural revitalization; access to education; and community building. Another $100,00 will be allocated to additional projects by the end of 2022.
  • Cultural responsiveness & relationships: In partnership with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Indigenous artist Carey Newman (Hayalthkin’geme), TELUS committed $1 million to launch the digital Witness Blanket project to further amplify truth-telling from Indigenous voices and Survivors about the residential school system.
  • Economic Reconciliation: The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good invested $6 million in Indigenous-owned for-profit companies.

To ensure Indigenous ways of knowing are represented in TELUS’ Reconciliation Action Plan, TELUS established an Indigenous Advisory Council consisting of Indigenous leaders, subject matter experts and Elders, to provide ongoing guidance on the implementation of the company’s commitments and targets. The Indigenous Advisory Council is guided by Luc Lainé of the Huron-Wendat Nation, Shani Gwin of Métis Nation Alberta, Carol Anne Hilton of Hesquiaht Nation, and  Dr. Kim van der Woerd of ‘Namgis First Nation. In addition to these members, the council will be adding up to six new members in 2023.

Last year, TELUS provided relief to Indigenous communities affected by the fires, floods and mudslides across B.C. Its network team worked around the clock to maintain and repair service to keep customers connected, donated hundreds of mobile devices, and delivered more than 8,650 pounds of food and essential goods including PPE by boat, car and helicopter to residents in need.

To learn more about TELUS’ commitment to Reconciliation and to read the 2022 Indigenous Reconciliation and Connectivity Report, visit

Walmart Canada and TELUS Health Join Forces To Provide Walmart Associates With Comprehensive Virtual Health And Wellbeing Services

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Walmart Canada and TELUS Health announced today a new strategic initiative to bring TELUS Health’s full suite of total health and wellbeing solutions to all Walmart associates in Canada. This robust suite of health services will provide Walmart Canada associates and their families with confidential access to hundreds of health professionals from a variety of disciplines to support every step of their healthcare journey.

This enhanced offering will provide associates and their eligible dependents with a single source to access a full suite of services to improve their overall wellness, whether they need counseling on a variety of topics, including mental health, nutrition advice and more, a virtual consultation with a clinician, or want to improve their lifestyle habits through weight loss, more exercise or better eating. Programs include:

  • Virtual Care: associates and their family will have access to primary care from trusted clinicians, 24/7 and on-demand for text and video consultations. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, these healthcare professionals are trained to deliver inclusive care in a variety of languages, including occupational awareness, gender and sexual identity, ethnocultural diversity and faith, allowing associates to be matched with a compatible clinician.
  • Employee Enablement: This next generation platform transforms traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) into a single convenient and collaborative access point so that associates can more easily manage their physical and mental health, wellbeing, and work/life integration. Unique to this platform are dedicated care advocates who develop compassionate and guided care plans that support associates on their path towards improved health, mindfulness, performance and self-esteem. 
  • Wellbeing: associates in Canada will be able to embrace wellbeing and improve their overall health by engaging with like-minded communities and taking part in friendly challenges with colleagues to help build healthier habits, with the resources and goal-setting support they need to sustain newly-gleaned habits.

Associates can access the TELUS Health suite of solutions in French and English 24/7 via a single smartphone app or direct telephone number. associates will also be able to access the services in 220 other languages and dialects through specialized translation services, the first client to do so.

TELUS Health has more than a decade of experience in virtual care services delivering a national, employer-focused suite of programs that make health and wellness more accessible for associates and their families.

TELUS Q3 Numbers Are Out And They Show Growth On The Wireless Side Of Things…. Not So Much On The Internet Side Of Things

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In my attempt to see how the great Rogers outage in July affected the Canadian telco landscape, I’ve been tracking the Q3 results of the “big three” telcos here in Canada. Yesterday Bell released their Q3 numbers and they showed “best-ever” growth in Q3. Today TELUS released their numbers and I’ll let TELUS CEO Darren Entwistle give you the highlights:

“In the third quarter, the TELUS team once again demonstrated continued execution excellence, characterized by the potent combination of industry-leading customer growth, resulting in strong operational and financial results across our business,” said Darren Entwistle, President and CEO. “Our robust performance reflects the chemistry of our globally leading broadband networks and customer-centric culture, which enabled our strongest quarter on record, with total customer net additions of 347,000, up more than 8 per cent, year-over-year. This included strong mobile phone net additions of 150,000, up 11 per cent over last year and the best quarterly result since the third quarter of 2010; record high connected device net additions of 124,000; and industry-leading total fixed net additions of 73,000. Our leading customer growth is underpinned by our consistent, industry-best client loyalty across our mobile and fixed product lines. Notably, again this quarter, blended mobile phone, PureFibre internet, security and voice churn were all at or below one per cent. Moreover, our industry-leading postpaid mobile phone churn of 0.76 per cent represents the eighth quarter out of the last 11 below 0.80 per cent.”

So to recap, TELUS added 347,000 new customers. And 150,000 of the new customers are mobile customers, representing “the best quarterly results since the third quarter of 2010” and an 11 percent increase year over year. The other thing that I notice is their churn rate, or people who leave TELUS continues to be low. Thus these are good numbers for TELUS. The only thing that might be a negative is this:

Internet net additions were 36,000 in the third quarter of 2022, a decrease of 10,000, due to modestly higher churn compared to relatively low churn rates during heightened pandemic restrictions in the prior year, in addition to macroeconomic pressures impacting consumer purchasing decisions. This was partly offset by our success in driving strong gross additions through bundled product offerings, including the TELUS Whole Home bundle and our bundling of mobility and home services.

TELUS only has its Internet offerings in Western Canada, so they don’t have the same opportunity to steal customers from Rogers that Bell has. Though if anyone from TELUS is reading this message, if you come east to Ontario, Quebec and beyond, I am certain that you can grab your share of customers from both Rogers and Bell.

So with two of the “big three” reporting. And both showing growth with low amounts of churn, that leaves Rogers to report. That’s going to happen on the 9th of November, and it will be interesting to see how bad Rogers churn numbers are, and what the rest of their results look like.