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TELUS Wins PC Mag Award for Fastest Mobile Network in Canada

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 27, 2019 by itnerd

Yesterday, I posted this tweet:

The mic drop reference is in relation to a commercial that TELUS put out in 2018 when they started to rack up awards for their network quality. Here’s the commercial:


Well, it’s mic drop time again as PCMag released its Fastest Mobile Networks Canada 2019 report and TELUS came out on top for the third year in a row, winning the award for Fastest Network in Canada, solidifying the strength of TELUS’ wireless network across the country.

This year marks the third year in a row that TELUS has won top recognition for its network superiority across all major Network Awards in Canada. In 2019, TELUS has been recognized by industry-leading experts, including:

  • Top spot with Tutela’s Mobile Experience Award for the second consecutive quarter
  • Canada’s Best Mobile Network from Ookla
  • Ranked first in Canada for Network Quality performance by J.D. Power
  • Opensignal awarded TELUS the top spot for 4G Availability, Video Experience, Download Speed Experience and Latency Experience

PC Mag tested 29 major and smaller cities this year with devices from Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Freedom, Videotron and Sasktel using industry standard software from Ookla Speedtest and Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. For more information, please visit

More information regarding TELUS’ network accolades can be found on


iPhone 11 Now Available At TELUS

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Apple’s latest products are now available at TELUS stores nationwide and online including iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, a new pro line for iPhone, as well as the new dual-camera iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5 with Always-On Retina display. The new seventh-generation iPad will be available on Monday, September 30.

Value-added services such as AppleCare+ are available at TELUS with flexible payment options, in-store diagnostics and replacements. TELUS customers who visit in-store will receive one-on-one support from dedicated personal representatives, while also being able to take advantage of personalized one-on-one TELUS Learning Centre sessions lead by our Apple Masters.

Customers can take advantage of the Bring-It-Back program and receive up to $780 off depending on the device, when they agree to return it in good working condition to TELUS at the end of their two-year term. Additionally, TELUS Easy Payment device financing allows customers to get any smartphone in their lineup for as little as $0 upfront, combined with new Peace of Mind rate plans that offer endless data without having to worry about overage charges.

For more details on pricing and data plans, please visit

Fast Pass Now Available At TELUS

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TELUS has launched a new data top-up feature for Peace of Mind plans called ‘Fast Pass’ that allows customers to add on 3GB of high speed data for $15 in the event that they reach their monthly high speed data threshold.

In the coming weeks, TELUS customers will begin to receive notifications once they have reached their high speed data threshold, offering them the opportunity to purchase a Fast Pass.

Now neither I or my wife typically exceed 4GB a month in terms of our data usage on the TELUS network. But It’s nice to know that if we went bonkers one month in terms of data usage that we’re covered.

Samsung Note10+ Is Available At TELUS Stores Starting Today

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The Samsung Note10+ is now available in-store at TELUS starting at $0 upfront with TELUS Easy Payment®. The new device financing program gives TELUS customers the flexibility to get any phone – even the iconic Samsung Note10+ – and pay for the device over 24 equal payments. Plus, when customers sign up for the Bring It Back program, they can expect to receive the Galaxy Note10+ at their absolute best cost.

The Note10+ is a powerful, multi-faceted device equipped with Samsung’s latest groundbreaking innovations, including:

  • The Power of Design –  The device has a slimmer & lighter body than any previous model, as well as an uninterrupted view through its cinematic Infinity-O display.
  • The Power of Performance – When your battery power is low, the fast charging technology gets your phone back to 100% in 30 minutes and can last up to 36 hours, making it the biggest battery in the Note series.
  • The Power of Creation – The Note10+ has a new pro grade camera with amazing features such as live focus video, audio zoom etc. Plus, use the intelligent S Pen to draw, sketch and share!

With all of the latest technology now at your fingertips, customers can also take advantage of TELUS’ Peace of Mind plans where they’ll enjoy endless data, endless fun without worrying about overages.

TELUS Recognized As Having The Best Mobile Network In Canada By Ookla

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This afternoon, Ookla released the results of its Q1 and Q2 speedtest report, revealing that TELUS has won multiple awards, including Fastest Mobile Network in Canada and Best Mobile Coverage in Canada, making TELUS Canada’s Best Mobile Network.

The Speedtest Awards reinforce the strength of TELUS’ network across the country and marks the second consecutive quarter that TELUS has won Canada’s Fastest Mobile Network. Today’s announcement also reaffirms TELUS’ commitment to delivering the best network for all Canadians, with significant capital investments to earn us Best Mobile Coverage in Canada.

TELUS has been recognized for its network superiority by other industry-leading experts, including the top spot with Tutela’s Mobile Experience Award for the second consecutive quarter. TELUS also recently ranked first in Canada for Network Quality performance by J.D. Power in 2019. Additionally, the H2 OpenSignal Awards in 2018 awarded TELUS the top spot for 4G LTE network speeds in Canada for the second year in a row. Lastly in September 2018, TELUS was awarded Canada’s fastest mobile network from PC Mag, spotlighting its highly optimized core network.

TELUS Rolls Out “Unlimited” Rate Plans As Part Of Their Standard Offerings

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When the wireless pricing wars broke out a few weeks ago, it seemed to me that Rogers was the only ones who would put a stake in the ground when it came to having an “unlimited plan. By contrast both Bell and Telus would only respond with limited time offers. And I was critical of both companies for not joining Rogers in making these sorts of plans part of their standard offerings.

But that changed this morning as TELUS announced via press release three things. First, they announced this:

TELUS Easy Payment device financing gives customers access to any smartphone in TELUS’ leading device line-up, including iconic smartphones starting at $0 upfront, with easy payment financing options over 24 months, alongside transparent billing that clearly separates the device cost from the monthly rate plan fee.

I am sure that this is a direct response to Rogers doing the same thing and criticism that the “big 3” carriers do not remove device subsidies when the phone is paid for. Then they annouced this:

TELUS Peace of Mind rate plans give new, renewing and bring-your-own-device customers access to endless data starting at $75 per month for 10GB of high-speed data without ever having to worry about overage charges. If customers exceed their high-speed data bucket, they can continue to stream, share and stay connected as much as they want with speeds up to 512 kbps, all on Canada’s fastest and largest network.

This is clearly their stake in the ground when it comes to these “unlimited” plans that are now in vogue as this appears at first glance to be part of the carrier’s standard offerings. Next up was this:

TELUS Family Discounts provide incremental savings off the monthly rate plan with every new family member who signs up. Two family members will each receive $5 off a month, three family members $10 each, and four or more family members will each receive savings of $15 a month.

That’s an interesting sweetener to try and get their subscriber count up.

Everything seems to be live at the moment at and I will be digging into the details as the devil is always in the detail. If I spot anything interesting, I’ll be updating this post.

Watch for a response from Bell in the coming hours or days as they are now the only “big 3” carrier who hasn’t made these changes.

TELUS Announces ANOTHER “No Overage” Plan…. $145 for 50GB

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It now seems that TELUS is upping the stakes in the data wars that Canadian telco carriers are participating in. Hot off the heels of this announcement from TELUS comes this tweak to what they put on the table. They are now offering 50GB of data for $145. I have no clue who on Earth would need that much data. But if you do, TELUS can hook you up. Here’s the highlights that you need to know:

  • Like the other TELUS plans, this one is throttled at a speed of 512 kbps once you hit your monthly data cap which is twice what Rogers or Bell offers.
  • Like the other TELUS plans, this is a time limited promotional offer that ends on July 2, 2019.
  • And finally like the other TELUS plans, the data is non-sharable which is different than the Rogers offering.

You can learn more, or sign up for this plan here.