In Depth: ConceptDraw Office

Project management can be a beast if you’re not a PMP. Even if you are a PMP, it can be challenging. Which is why a recent demo grabbed my attention. I had the opportunity to see a demo of a product called ConceptDraw Office by CS Odessa which is available for Mac and PC. It is made up of three elements:

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP: This tool allows you to organize ideas and data. Instead of brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard, you can use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to illustrate your ideas. Once you’ve got something that is workable,  just one click allows you to output to other applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, as well as ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO.
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT: This tool allows you to easily view data in a variety of ways including multi-project views, Gantt charts and resource views. You can also easily generate reports on project and task statuses. From what I saw, it’s far easier to use than competitive products such as MS Project.
  • ConceptDraw PRO: This tool allows you to display, communicate, and present dynamically. It’s powerful enough to draw everything from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics.

These solutions can be used for relatively simple business projects or very advanced ones. All the applications have a coherent look and feel, which means that if you learn one, learning the rest is not a challenge. They also integrate with each other. So if you use MINDMAP to lay out your ideas, you can have those ideas pop up in PROJECT to start organizing them in a Gantt chart and the list of tasks has the same hierarchy set up in the MINDMAP outline. Now if you need help, here’s where CS Odessa shines. They have very extensive help resources including live support. Also they have the Solution Park which has high quality big and small solutions that can benefit your business.

ConceptDraw Office is a well thought out product that can help you create and manage your projects. If you’re not a PMP, you should look at this application to make your life easier. If however you are not a PMP, ConceptDraw Office will make you look like a PMP. Either way, acquiring ConceptDraw Office sounds like a no brainer to me.


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