In Depth: is an easily accessible online platform that connects people to affordable, trusted help nearby. Think of it as an eBay for services. If you need any task, errand, project or odd job done you can post it on while nearby help comes to you. Community members decide on a price that fits their needs and assigns the task to those who have placed offers. Each community member has a public profile, providing levels of verification; a star rating system and feedback reviews to enhance security and credibility. Along with the website is an app for iPhone. One note about the iPhone app, it’s free and it is now being featured as one of the ‘Best New Apps’ on the Worldwide app store which is no small feat. The app uses geo-location, allowing users to see tasks, as they are posted around them. This function lets users ask and task while on the go. Plus, on top of the verification levels each user must include, has now implemented a ‘certification’ process. Each person is eligible to become a ‘certified’ Tasker through background checks. This increases the safety and security you cannot find with other classified platforms. Other handy functions include 20 distinct categories to increase the amount of services available through the website such as deliveries, office help and cleaning tasks.

CEO Muneeb Mushtaq who is just 23 of Mississauga, Ontario developed while studying commerce at the University of Toronto. Upon graduation, Muneeb realized the job market for his peers was scarce and when his mother inquired about help with repairing a leaky facet he realized local resources challenged this simple task. This led the young entrepreneur to develop an application that seamlessly locates trusted help nearby and provide a platform to find work outside of full-time employment. With this concept in mind, Muneeb partnered up with his brother, Nabeel Mushtaq, 20, a Seneca@York computer-systems technology student. The two developed a beta version and received rapid success. Within a year has grown to 100,000 users and over $3 million dollars in tasks online. also completed a successful seed round of $500,000 this past February.

I’d keep an eye on them as I think this is a success story in the making. They’ve got momentum and clearly they’re making a name for themselves in a space that they alone occupy.


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