Review: InvisibleShield Glass For The Apple iPhone 5s

Smartphones have great looking screens. However their screens can be scratched which ruins their good looks. Thus you need to protect them with a screen protector. At the top of the list of screen protectors is the InvisibleShield Glass by Zagg. Made of high-quality tempered glass, it protects your screen from scratches without taking away from the looks of the screen. It also¬†features a oil-resistant coating that repels natural skin oils. That way the screen stays clear and is easy to clean. It doesn’t affect the clarity of the screen nor does it affect the touch sensitivity in any way. Finally, it’s even shock resistant which is added protection that we can all use. Thus this is what I went with for my iPhone 5s.

Now I wanted it installed by an expert because installing screen protectors can sometimes be a tricky exercise. Fortunately for me, Zagg has a kiosk in Toronto’s Fairview Mall. Chances are they have a location near you. I simply handed over my phone and watched as the person expertly cleaned my phone and removed any traces of dust from the iPhone’s screen. Then he applied the InvisibleSheld Glass perfectly and handed my phone back to me. The installation job was impressive and the results were equally as impressive. The InvisibleShield Glass lives up to its billing in every way and it does not look like you have a screen protector on.

The only downside? Price. The InvisibleShield Glass is $34,99 USD. That’s pricy. But good protection doesn’t come cheap. Thus once you get past the price, I would recommend it. I should also note that there are other models of the InvisibleShield that cost less and offer different levels of protection for many types of phones. Take a look at their lineup and pick the protection that’s right for you.

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