Rogers Updates Policies Related To Lawful Access Of Customer Info

About a month ago, I wrote about Rogers and Teksavvy releasing transparency reports that show how often law enforcement requests customer data and what data is handed over. Rogers today reached out to me with an update:

After hearing feedback from our customers and reviewing the Supreme Court ruling from last month, we’ve decided that from now on we will require a court order/warrant to provide basic customer information to law enforcement agencies, except in life threatening emergencies. We believe this move is better for our customers and that law enforcement agencies will still be able to protect the public

We’ve updated our blog post on Rogers Redboard to let customers know about the change.

Transparency Report blog post:

The Supreme Court ruling that’s being referred to is this one and it states that Canadian ISPs cannot hand over customer info to police without a warrant. What I like about this is there is no ambiguity as to where Rogers stands on this subject. I would like to see other ISPs in Canada do the same thing. Strangely, I have not seen anything like this from any other ISP other than the transparency report put out by Teksavvy. I can’t say why that is the case, but I hope that changes.

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