GCell Launches Solar Powered Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

If you have someone that is very eco-conscious, you might want to take note of the Bluetooth wireless keyboard from GCell. The keyboard harvests solar energy from indoor or outdoor light sources and utilises the energy to recharge its battery, which makes it the perfect accessory for commuters on the go.


Sized to fit the most popular 9.7” tablet sizes, such as the latest iPad Air 2, the keyboard incorporates a lavish black folio to secure the tablet whilst also improving its portability. The device can further be paired with a plethora of devices including iOS and Android gadgets such as smartphones, making it ultra-useful for those with a range of gadgets.

The cutting edge technology, complete with contemporary design offers a streamlined and lightweight option ideal for users of wireless keyboards. Weighing in at only 235g, and less than 6mm thick, the keyboard is further finished with a silicone-paint finish making it very tactile. Compatible with iOS and Android systems, the GCell keyboard is perfect for those on the go who need to be available on their devices without having to fall back on technological restraints such as lack of plug sockets!

Programmed with ‘Hot Keys’, users are able to effortlessly perform necessary functions repeatedly whilst the plastic photovoltaic cell remains robust and shatterproof – ensuring that accidentally dropping the device will not incur breakage. The ultra-thin keyboard design looks bang on trend whilst also providing a comfortable, unstrained typing platform for users.

The GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio will be launched at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA in Santa Clara November 19-20, and is expected to be available through retailers in the U.S. and Europe in December 2014. For more information, please visit www.GCell.com

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