So It’s Been 90 Days And My MacBook Pro Is Still Fine… Though I Did Have A Scare

Ever since I replaced the hard drive in my MacBook Pro for the third time, I’ve been watching like a hawk to see if the Western Digital Black drive that I put in would fail as well. I’m happy to report that after 90 days, it is still working perfectly. Though I did have a scare yesterday.

I work up and found that Carbon Copy Cloner didn’t back up because of “errors.” My heart skipped a beat as I thought I was going though this nightmare again. But I dug in and found that the hard drive was fine as confirmed by DiskWarrior 5 as well as iStat Menus. When I dug in further, it appeared that the issue was that Carbon Copy Cloner had problems either reading from the hard disk inside my MacBook Pro, or writing to the disk image on the NAS box that I back up to. I ran a test of the files using DiskWarrior 5 and found no issues. So that further ruled out a problem with the MacBook Pro’s hard disk. I then did a backup to the NAS manually and that worked perfectly. I then asked my wife if her computer backed up successfully and it did as she had an e-mail on her iPhone saying so.

Net result is that I am at a loss to explain what happened. I will monitor this over the next few days, but my feeling is that the NAS box that I use is starting to show its age and had an intermittent problem that resulted in this issue. I was planning on replacing it shortly so this may be all a moot point. Though to be sure, I will reach out to Bombich Software who are the makers of Carbon Copy Cloner to see if I get further insight. After all, if you have a problem with your computer of IT infrastructure, it is best to find an explanation to it before it comes back and really hurts you.

So, what does the fact that replacing the hard drive with an aftermarket drive prove? It seems to prove that Apple has a quality issue with MacBook Pro hard drives. Given the other issues that Apple has had of late, they should really start to focus on addressing these before customers defect due to frustration. As I have to admit, I’ve been pretty frustrated with these frequent hard drive failures and Apple’s unwillingness to address them.


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