My Trip To India And Australia: Part 16 – The Qantas A380 & LAX [UPDATED]

I just got off a 15 hour flight from Melbourne into LAX. It also gave me the chance to compare the Qantas A380 to the Emirates A380. Here’s my breakdown:

  • Qantas wins in terms of room as there’s way more legroom on their A380 versus the Emirates A380. I was way more comfortable on the Qantas flight and I hardly noticed that I was on a plane for 15 hours.
  • The infotainment system on the Emirates A380 was better. By that I mean it was more smooth and fluid when it came to navigating it. Having said that, there was an abundant amount of content on both.
  • Noise and vibration was the same on both.

For me, lots of legroom is important so Qantas wins the battle of the A380s in my mind.

Now, after arriving in LA at LAX, I got the “joy” of navigating this airport. Here’s all I needed to do:

  • Get off the plane.
  • Pick up an “Express Pass” that allowed me to get quicker service at TSA checkpoints.
  • Go through US Customs And Border Protection
  • Pick up my checked luggage.
  • Exit the customs area after being quizzed by customs again.
  • Walk up to the connections area and drop off my luggage.
  • Leave the terminal I landed at and walk to terminal 4.
  • Go through the TSA checkpoint.
  • Find my flight.

Boy that was fun. The fact that I have to exit security and go back through security is annoying. Oh yeah, I’ve travelled through this airport for years. While they are trying to update the decor, it looks the same as always. The good news is that LAX has free Wifi and the speed is pretty good. Not to mention that getting online was quick.

Next stop: Toronto via Pearson Airport. See you in 5 hours or so!

UPDATE: I’ve added some pictures of the Qantas A380.


Every seat had one of these screens. They are touch sensitive, but they aren’t as advanced as the ones in the Emirates A380. Meaning that it didn’t respond to smartphone/tablet type gestures that the Emirates A380 system used.


In the armrest is one of these controllers. You can control the functions of the infotainment system from here.



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