My Trip To India And Australia: Part 17 – Home At Last [UPDATED]

So, after a uneventful flight from LAX to Toronto where I slept through half the flight, I am home. Nothing really happened on the flight per se. Plus the trip through customs was uneventful. So after a trip on the express bus that goes to Pearson Airport to Kipling Subway Station which is close to my home, I hit the bed to recover.

To put this in perspective, here’s a map of my travel over the last two weeks:


I basically circled the globe. That’s incredible from my perspective.

Now, to wrap up some loose ends:

  • I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon to look at my right ankle. I twisted it on my last day in India working out on the treadmill. It improved enough that I was able to make my way through airports pain free. But it flared up again during my only workout in Melbourne. Thus there’s clearly something wrong that needs to be looked at.
  • I chipped my Zagg screen protector for my iPhone 5s when my phone slipped out of my hand getting out of my car in India. It’s chipped in one corner. But it’s better than the screen of the phone getting chipped. I’ll be getting an unlocked iPhone 6 shortly, so I won’t be replacing it.
  • I lost my Sennheiser iPhone headset somewhere between Dubai and Melbourne. That’s unfortunate. I’ll see if I can replace them with something as good if not better next week.

So, to wrap this up, I would say that I am in a rare position to travel on someone else’s dime frequently. Sometimes that travel takes me to some very interesting places. I shouldn’t waste those opportunities as I may not get them ever again. That’s why I share my experiences with my readers as well. For me, it’s not just about serving up tips on how to travel and leverage technology. It’s also about trying got show off what this world has to offer. Because it has a lot to offer if you’re willing to sometimes go outside your comfort zone to see it.

I’d love some feedback. What would you like to see in these travelogues? What could I do better, or do differently? Drop me a note and let me know.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that there was WiFi on the flight from LAX to Toronto via American Airlines. It was provided by GoGo but I didn’t use it as it was rather expensive.


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