In Depth: Synaptop

Toronto based startup Synaptop is a radically new way to connect people online. The first and best example of how they are doing that is with Synaptop Theatre, a application that lets groups of friends watch videos together online in real-time. So, let’s consider this for a second. Up until now in the Netflix era, you couldn’t watch a movie online together unless you were sitting in front of the same physical screen. With Synaptop Theater, people all over the world can watch movies together in sync while video and text chatting. Think of the use cases, long distance couples wanting a date night for example. Their technology allows you to do the same thing with music where you can upload your own songs and listen to them with friends. They even have a collaboration platform that allow students, artists and developers for example to work together in real time making distance irrelevant. Plus this could be extended for any number of purposes. Customer service and meetings are two examples that are cited by Synaptop. Another thing the company is up to is Live Event which allows someone like a movie studio or and advertiser to run an event live which allows them to get instant engagement, interactivity and exposure. Something that is difficult to generate these days.

The thing is that that Synaptop aren’t a one trick pony. I really think that they’ve come up with something that can effect change on a huge scale. And for those of you who think that I am overstating that, I don’t think I am. They’ve got something here that’s going to be big if the stars align.

Now I spoke to Jane Iordakieva who handles Communications at Synaptop and while admitting that there are some challenges being a startup outside of Silicon Valley (getting developers to come on board can be a challenge for example), they are making a go of it having been around since 2011. And I suspect that things are going to go on a serious upwards trajectory. The company is going to be featured on the April 2nd episode of Dragon’s Den which is a reality television program on CBC Television featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists. Now I don’t have any inside info, but the fact that they even made it to TV is very positive. Given how cool their technology is, I really hope that they secure some financing from the Dragons.

I’ll be doing a follow up story after the episode airs, so please keep an eye out for it.

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