In Depth: Citrix XenMobile 10

Late last year, I had a look at Citrix XenMobile which is their offering in the increasingly competitive Mobile Device Management or Enterprise Mobility Management space. This In Depth report covers the latest version of XenMobile which is version 10. The IT Nerd Team had a 90 minute briefing with Citrix, and I walked away with my mind blown because some of that they expressed changed what I think of this whole space. Prior to meeting with them, I had believed that a product like Citrix XenMobile had to secure the device from end to end for it to be effective. That meant things like ensuring that the user had a pass code, or blocking access to functionality such as apps or core functions of the phone. And perhaps there is a need for that in some use cases. But in the case of a Bring Your Own Device scenario, that may not be the best way to go about things. I say that because Citrix makes the argument that all that needs to be done is to secure the corporate apps and data and forget about the rest.

The way Citrix does this is to provide some core functionality in the form of applications that is controlled by the administrator:

  • WorxMail
  • WorxWeb
  • WorxNotes
  • WorxEdit
  • WorxDesktop
  • ShareFile

You can also use XenMobile 10 to serve up corporate applications. For example, as part of their demo, I witnessed them deploy access to a virtualized desktop computer as well as provide access to a browser based SAP instance to a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone. It was easy to do and was impressive. The fact that Citrix also supports iOS and Windows Phone is equally as impressive. They basically cover every major smartphone platform.

Security is another important thing that Citrix touts. As part of the demo that I witnessed, I watched them create a pin that allows users to log into any resource without having to know the username and password for each individual resource. In other words, they have a single sign on system. But it’s got one trick up its sleeve. XenMobile supports strong authentication for applications using RSA Adaptive Authentication and provides support for FIPS 140.2 advanced encryption, which is based on the U.S. government security standards. In other words, it is ultra secure.

Citrix XenMobile can be deployed in the cloud or on premise and is available now. If you’re looking for an Mobile Device Management or Enterprise Mobility Management solution, XenMobile has to be on your list to look at.


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