In Depth: League

Let’s say that you want to better manage your health and wellness. It’s more than just going out to the gym a few times a week. You need to find the right people from massage therapists to MDs. Plus how do you collect and keep track of all your health data in one place so those heath practitioners can use it securely? As it stands, you have to do all of that using different apps. But that’s about to change thanks to a Toronto based startup called League. League can be best described as Uber for health care that is free for users.

IMG_1460Using their app (available for iOS and Android) or the web, you can find different health professionals or services like a nutritionist or a massage therapist. These services are based on your location so that if you need a massage in the middle of the day in Downtown Toronto, you can find someone easily. Now all services are curated, that way you know that any service that are offered by League are ones that are truly going to be helpful to you. One other thing that is handy is that you can use the app to pay for the services that you need. IMG_1461

Also included in the app is a calendar that allow you to keep track of any appointments that you have with any health professionals.

IMG_1463To further aid your health and wellness activities, you can follow your health providers and see what they are up to. You can also communicate with them both publicly and privately. Plus you can discuss new trends, ask the League community any questions that you might have, and share your success


When it comes to your health data, you can use League to store that data and you get valuable insights that can help you to better manage your health. The connected devices section is coming soon. But when it does, it will make League the single pane of glass that you need to manage your health effectively.

League is currently available in Toronto, but it is rolling out throughout Canada as we speak. You can also expect the United States and Europe to be added in the near future. It’s an ambitious strategy, but League has one thing going for it. The people behind League have done this before. One of the key people behind League is Mike Serbinis, the founder and former co-CEO of Kobo and he took Kobo from zero to being an international company in five years. Plus they’re well backed as they have people like OMERS Ventures, Infinite Potential Group, Real Ventures, and Foundation Capital. With backing like that and the experience that League brings to the table, their chances for success are excellent in my mind.

League is live as I type this. The service is free for users. When it comes to health care providers will pay a subscription fee after a certain number of patients. If the service links a patient with a provider, League will also take a referral fee. My advice would be to keep an eye on League as they are really going to be a disruptive force in the health care space.

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