In Depth: Method

Large businesses typically have the benefit of using one piece of software,or a suite of applications to run their business operations. Be it from accounting, inventory, or customer relationship management. Small businesses however often run multiple applications to do business. Thus they run an application to do accounting and inventory, and another application to perform customer relationship management. Typically the applications are not integrated so small business owners have to enter data twice which of course is far from ideal.

A company called Method is changing this for the better. If you’re a QuickBooks user (and there are a lot of small and even medium sized businesses that are) and you want to add customer relationship management functionality, their flagship cloud based application Method:CRM allows you to do that. The key feature is that Method:CRM integrates with QuickBooks (and it doesn’t matter if you use QuickBooks in the cloud or on your desktop). Thus you get a single pane of glass to look at your data and you don’t have to enter data twice. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Method:CRM allows you to see your data on multiple platforms be it Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, Windows phone or Blackberry. Because the app is web based, it makes it completely platform agnostic. Thus you can use whatever device suits you to see your data rather than be forced to pick a platform to get at your data. The final piece of the puzzle is that Method:CRM is 100% customization. That way you can make it work for you as opposed to you being forced to adapt to it. The average user should be able to customize it themselves. But if that’s not you, Method has assisted services to help to train you and customize the application to suit your needs. Plus they have dedicated services where you get a 1:1 relationship with one of their Business Solutions Specialists for a fixed number of hours to train, assist, mentor, and customize your instance of Method:CRM. Alternately, Method has a small army of partners that can help you get the most from Method:CRM.

Another thing about Method that caught my eye is a second application that they offer called Method:Donor which is aimed at someone in the non-profit space that needs to collect and track donors and donations. It works the same way as Method:CRM, but in my mind, this is may have more of an impact for Method as this is a space that is growing and they are leveraging what they know from their CRM product to make Method:Donor a product to strongly consider if you’re in this space. One key point to mention is that Method:Donor came about via winning a QB Connect hackathon in 2014 where they built the app in 36 hours.

Method is a very interesting company from my perspective. They’re located in the Fashion District of Downtown Toronto and have been around in some form since 1999.They have a “work hard and play hard” culture that comes through even when browsing their website. They also come across as very agile when it comes to how their products are developed and supported, and I think that’s a huge advantage for them as they’re the #1 CRM product for QuickBooks with a 5-star rating on Intuit

Method:CRM is $25 to $40 per user per month and they have a 30 day trial to let you test drive it. Method:Donor is $25 per user per month. In either case, you’ll be getting a customer relationship management or donor management application that can take you to the next level. For that reason, If you’re an small or medium business or a non-profit, you need to take a serious look at Method.

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