A Contender Falls And A New One Joins The List

Here’s a quick update on our latest problem with our Toyota Matrix that has led us to begin the process of at least looking for a new vehicle to replace it. In my most recent post, my wife and I had put together a list of contenders. They were as follows:

We then started doing our research and one vehicle has been removed from the list. We’ve decided to eliminate the Lexus NX 200t because of two reasons. First is cost. It starts at $41,900, but if you want items like blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, and navigation, then you have to go up to the “Luxury” package which takes the price up to $50K. We’re sorry, but there are vehicles that are half the cost that come with those items as part of their standard build. Plus just because you want a luxury nameplate doesn’t give said nameplate the right to nickle and dime you. Thus we really feel that the NX 200t isn’t a good value. The second reason is that as much as we wanted to look past the experience that we had with Toyota Matrix and give the Lexus a fair look, we couldn’t find a way to justify giving Toyota our hard earned money for a second time. Thus it’s off the list.

Replacing the Lexus NX 200t is the Acura RDX. I was at the press launch at the 2015 Canadian International Auto Show and I had a good look at it. It caught my interest at the time, but taking a second look at it now I have to admit that it is an excellent value. It’s basically the same base price at the Lexus, but it comes with a V6 under the hood rather than a turbo 4 cylinder, and with the options that we’d want, it comes in at $5K less than the Lexus. Even fully loaded, it is way less than the Lexus with only the options that we wanted, never mind fully loaded where the difference is huge. That makes the Acura a much better value than the Lexus in our minds and we’ll be going to a dealership soon to check it out.

As for our oil consumption test with the Toyota Matrix, it is still ongoing. Based on my current driving patterns, I will have to visit the dealership sometime in the next week to 10 days to see what the results are. That will determine what our next move will be.


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