How To Fix Instant Hotspot On OS X And iOS

My wife noticed that a function that I take for granted on my MacBook Pro wasn’t available on her new to her MacBook Pro. The Instant Hotspot feature which is part of the larger Continuity feature set. This allows a MacBook Pro for example to use a iPhone that is in Bluetooth range to surf the net using the data plan of the iPhone. It’s a handy feature to have if you have a MacBook, and it should “just work” but it wasn’t in her case. So I spent some time diagnosing the issue and here are the things that I tried that I hope will help you if you encounter this issue:

  1. Reboot everything: I’ve found that this can help to re-establish whatever connections are required for this feature to work.
  2. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on both devices: This is another thing that can help  to re-establish whatever connections are required for this feature to work. Also, you need both Bluetooth and WiFi enable for Instant Hotspot to work.
  3. Log out and back into iCloud on both devices: Instant Hotspot requires you to have devices using the same iCloud account. So I am guessing that something in the way that the Mac and iOS interact with iCloud keeps this from working properly. It’s also worth noting that a reboot sometimes won’t cure that. Thus for whatever reason logging out and logging back in seems to clear that up.
  4. Reset network settings on your iPhone or iPad: Resetting the network settings on your iDevice is a brute force way of fixing this if the first three items don’t work. Keep in mind that this will clear out all wifi hotspot passwords and connected Bluetooth devices as well, so you’ll have to re-enter those. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then type in your passcode if asked. Finally, confirm you’d like to reset your network settings.

In my case, I got as far as item three before things started working again. But sometimes when I get calls from clients, I have to use some or all of these before I get things working.

If you have any other tips that help fix Instant Hotspot problems, please leave a comment below and share your knowledge.


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