In Depth: Citrix Concierge

Let’s say that you’re a business that has a mobile app that you’ve created, and you require the ability to provide support for it in an easy to deliver manner for both the user of the app and the people providing the support. If you’re on a mobile phone, that’s a problem because unlike a desktop computer, there’s aren’t tools like WebEx or TeamViewer that allow you to see what the user sees.

Citrix wants to change that. They have a new tool called Concierge. It works via an SDK that you use to embed the Concierge functionality into your app. Once it is embedded into your app, it’s a simple tap for users to get help. Here’s how support agents and users can leverage it:

Picture 021

You can allow your customers to connect instantly via audio, video or chat. In the above example, Concierge has used the camera on the MacBook Pro and the iPhone to facilitate a two yay video chat. You can also leverage to the rear camera to “see” what the user is looking at.

Picture 023

The support agent can leverage the location services functionality on the phone to show the location of the person the support agent is communicating with.

Picture 026

The support agent can guide customers using annotations and touch assist tools. As an aside, the support agent uses web browser based interface to initiate the connection. The browser interface allows the support agent to view customer requests and start sessions in a single click. There’s an Inbox that can automatically route your customer requests based on the app and platform they are requesting support from. Specifically, the support agent can see details about the customer, including device type, OS version, network connectivity and battery charge. Plus it has skills based routing so different types of user requests get routed to the right support agents. Finally, you can use the browser based interface as a ticketing system to keep track of user requests and how they get resolved.

The net result is that users are better served when they use your app. That’s a win for all concerned. Concierge is currently available for iOS and Android. Other platforms including desktop OSes will be coming soon.


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