Review: Logiix Blue Piston Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I recently got my hands on the Logiix Blue Piston Bluetooth Wireless Speaker to try out. It has two things going for it. First is the fact that it is a Bluetooth wireless speaker which you can use to play your tunes from your phone as long as you’re in Bluetooth range. The second is that you can use it as a speakerphone so that you can answer calls while it’s paired to your phone. Cool. But how does it work in practice? 

First let’s cover the looks. This portable speaker has a brushed aluminum military-grade shell that comes in a variety of colors. Besides having the button with the phone icon and an on/off switch, it has a 1/8″ jack to connect non-bluetooth devices and a Micro USB port to charge the built in battery which lasts for roughly 8 hours as a speaker and 4 hours as a speakerphone. It’s very small at 2.05″ tall and only 2.44″ in width. Thus you can carry this speaker around with ease. The Blue Piston comes with a small carrying pouch which will hold the speaker and the two cables that are included which are the 1/8″ audio cable and the USB cable. The speaker also has an anti-slip pad attached to the bottom of the base.

The setup was easy:

  1. Turn the speaker on and press and hold the button with the phone icon.
  2. Put your phone into pairing mode.
  3. Find a device called Blue Piston and if it asks for a code, enter 0000,
  4. Done. Declare victory and have a beer.

But what you care about is the sound. This is clearly a speaker that is best suited for a smaller room like a small office. In that sort of environment, it’s pretty good as both a speakerphone and a speaker. In a larger environment, you lose some audio fidelity in both use cases. Specifically, that audio sounded “hollow”. But it still sounded okay as far as I was concerned.

The best part of the Logiix Blue Piston Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the price. It’s $49.95 which is a pretty good price for a wireless speaker. If you need a small speaker to play tunes on if you’re working late or you want to play some tunes for your friends, check out the Logiix Blue Piston Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.


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