So I Finally Made It To The UK……

After my rant due to Air Canada really making my life miserable thanks to a non-functioning aircraft and some less than stellar customer service, I was able to make my way to the UK to work for a client this week. Let’s start with how I got here. Air Canada rebooked me on a flight that was 10 hours after the one that I should have been on. That meant spending 10 hours in Pearson Airport waiting for that flight. That kind of sucked, but the type of aircraft that they used kind of made up for it:

Now I have flown on a Dreamliner once before and I enjoyed the experience. This flight was kind of the same. I got off the aircraft feeling human thanks to all the cool features that the Dreamliner has, though people kicking my seat and screaming babies once again got in the way of that.

Now, let me speak about where I’m staying. On this trip I’m staying at the Village Hotel in Solihull. It’s a very posh hotel with a pool, a fully staffed gym, a pub as well as a restaurant, and a Starbucks too. Though the Starbucks is a franchise which means that I can’t use my Starbucks app on my iPhone to pay for my coffee or earn rewards. Pity. It also has decent and easy to connect to WiFi that is free. That’s cool as well.

As it stands, I’m trying to get a project that was planned for three days (which was on the aggressive side I admit) done in two and a half. So far it is going well, but I haven’t hit any bumps yet and I fully expect to hit at least one bump in the road at some point because that’s how things go when you roll out technology on a large scale. If all goes well, I’ll be heading home on Friday morning. I’ll post another update on what happens next and my journey home. Stay tuned!


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