2016 Hyundai Tucson 1.6L Limited AWD – A Nine Month Follow Up

So I sit here nine months into owning the 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited and a couple of things have happened. First was the problems with the blind spot detection system which I documented here. Second was the windscreen. It doesn’t resist hits from stones very well as I have one very minor chip that was a non issue, and one other one that required repair from Speedy Auto Glass. In the process of repairing it, two very small cracks appeared. Now no glass repair is completely invisible, and there is always the chance that you will crack the windscreen slightly while the attempt to do the repair is being made. So this didn’t shock me. Besides, the reason why you repair the windscreen is to make sure that any damage to the windscreen doesn’t compromise it. Thus for now I will live with the result, but I may consider getting a new windscreen at some point when after market windscreens for the Tucson become available. One thing to note is that there are reports on the Hyundai Forums of the windscreen being on the fragile side. Thus this is something that I will monitor going forward.

Now some of you have asked me to provide the picture of groceries in the back of the Tucson. Here it is:


Now, why do I take pictures of groceries in almost every car that I review? We all go grocery shopping. Thus this gives a very easy and relatable way of seeing how much space a vehicle has. In the case of my wife and I, we don’t use plastic bags for the most part. So the green bins that we use are a static size that when you compare every review that I’ve ever done, you can compare how much space one car has relative to another.

Since winter is long since over, I also took the opportunity to detail the Tucson. After vacuuming the inside, I used Armor All wipes to clean surfaces like the dash and the doors.  Then I used Armor All Outlast Leather Restorer on the seats and other leather surfaces. Followed by washing the floor mats and the liner for the cargo area with a high pressure hose. Glass was cleaned with Armor All glass wipes. Finally the exterior was washed with a high pressure hose and I used Armor All Extreme Tire Shine gel on the tires and I used Turtle Wax Ice spray wax on the exterior. All of this took about three hours, but here’s what it looked like on the outside:





I plan on having it professionally detailed later this summer, but doing what I did will help to keep the Tucson looking new.

From the “look at this cool feature” file comes this:


The glove box has a pen holder. This is a handy feature.

Fuel economy continues to be a strong point of the Tucson as we continue to average sub 10L / 100KM numbers which is exceptional. What’s even more exceptional is that if you drive a lot on the highway, you can get under 8L/100KM. Speaking of highway driving, my wife and I have some road trips planned. I’ll post about those experiences as the summer goes on. By the time September rolls around, the Tucson will be one year old and I’ll be wrapping this up with my thoughts after having the Tucson for a year. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Another thing that I just discovered is if you are on a call with you mobile phone and you start the Tucson, the infotainment system will offer to transfer the call to handsfree when it connects to the phone via Bluetooth. Very cool!



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