Free Upgrade To Windows 10 Mobile To Continue Past July 29….. Why?

When Windows 10 first hit, there were plans to let…. or more accurately force people to upgrade. But that was supposed to end on July 29th. But Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has noted that there has been a divergence in that strategy in terms of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Phone:

After I asked about whether the free upgrade for Windows 10 Mobile would end on July 29 as it is for Windows 10 for PCs, Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar clarified the firm’s evolving strategy: The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will now continue to be free past the end of the month.

“So, the free upgrade to Windows 10 ends for Windows phones on July 29, too. Right?” I tweeted yesterday morning, seeking clarification for a reader who had asked me this question. After all, Microsoft had said nothing about the expiration of the free Mobile upgrade since last year.

“Clarification from this morning,” Ms. Sakar tweeted later in the day. “The free upgrade offer for PC ends on July 29 but as always there are no implications or cost on phone.”

Now mobile OS upgrades have been free for a while. True, Apple used to charge for them back in the day, but those days are beyond over. But that doesn’t answer the central question which is why the extension. Could it be that Windows 10 Mobile has as much marketshare as BlackBerry…. Anything? Could it be that it kind of had a rocky start in life because it shipped months late and they want it to catch up to the desktop OS in terms of feature set? Or could this be a harbinger of things to come with the desktop OS? As in, that will continue to be free as well.

I suspect we’ll find out one way or another shortly.


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