Athos Taps TribalScale To Expand The Scope Of The Technology

I’ve written about Toronto based TribalScale recently, and I’ve got an update on them that I’d like to share. TribalScale yesterday announced it is working with Silicon Valley-based Athos, building out their coach-side web-app, helping to change the way athletes train.

So who are Athos? They are a wearable company that develops new innovations in the connected fitness clothing space. Fast Company named Athos the fourth most innovative fitness company in the world in 2015. They produce exercise gear that tracks muscle exertion, balance and heart rate to improve overall fitness. They’ve tapped TribalScale to expand the scope of their technology by developing a coach- facing web app to manage athletes within a team or program.  The technology provides coaches and trainers with a more holistic view of their team, encouraging coaches to pay equal attention to an average athlete as compared to their stars or underperformers. Coaches are now able to create new programs and assign it to a team or group. They can then go into the list of participants in a program and tailor certain aspects to accommodate for an individual’s needs.

This is a big step forward for TribalScale and shows that what I said about them was accurate. Which is that I would keep an eye on them because they’re on the cutting edge of tech related to the Internet Of Things and mobile platforms.



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