Mayer’s Golden Parachute Made Public While Yahoo Stars Look For Exits

So if you’re a CEO who really screws up a business, you should get canned. Right? That’s not the way it works though. Often these CEO’s have exit plans that allow them to cash in on the way out. Marissa Mayer who for now is the CEO of the recently sold Yahoo is no different as she has one hell of a “golden parachute” to fall back on:

If Mayer steps down — which is still an uncertainty — she’ll be due about $57 million in severance after Verizon takes over the company, according to Equilar. That’s expected to happen in the first quarter of 2017. 

Her enormous golden parachute would come on top of more than $162 million in salary and stock awards that Mayer received over the course of her tenure. All told, she could exit Yahoo with around $219 million in the bank.

Well, at least she won’t be on the street. And take it from me, if she doesn’t leave, she’ll be pushed out. Having said that, some of Yahoo’s big names might be through either leaving on their own or downsizing. You see, Yahoo once tried to get all sorts of big names on it’s roster to get people to visit their online properties. Now those people may be looking for the exits. If that’s true, then Verizon might just have a problem as there will be less reasons to visit Yahoo online properties.

This chaos should be fun to watch.


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