Microsoft Facing Two New Windows 10 Lawsuits

Microsoft is being sued in two seperate lawsuits over the agressive upgrade tactics that they used to get people to upgrade to Windows 10:

The first suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Florida. It alleges that Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade prompts “violated laws governing unsolicited electronic advertisements,” as reported by The Seattle Times. The suit also says Microsoft’s tactics are against the Federal Trade Commission’s rules on deceptive and unfair practices.

The second suit was filed in June in Haifa, Israel alleging that Microsoft installed Windows 10 on users’ computers without consent. Microsoft already paid out a $10,000 award in a previous U.S. suit over similar circumstances.

Now keep in mind that Microsoft recently lost a lawsuit, which is likely the reason why these two lawsuits have been filed. After all, nothing makes lawsuits multiply like having a lawsuit succeed. But Microsoft doesn’t seem concerned:

Microsoft told the Seattle Times it believes the suits won’t succeed. The Times also reports that Microsoft said Windows 10 upgrades (the Times report called them “updates”) are a “choice, not a requirement.”

If these lawsuits keep appearing, they may change their tune as it’s really expensive to have to keep defending yourself from multiple lawsuits. Even for a multi-billion dollar software company.



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