CRTC Says Canadians Pay More For Cell Service Than Anyone

If you’re Canadian and you have a cell phone, you will not be shocked by what I am about to say. You pay more for your cell phone than any other country on Earth. The proof is in a CRTC report that popped up here on the CRTC website. In short, the study looked at the cost of telecommunications services in Canada, compared to the other G7 countries. Specifically the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. When all the numbers were crunched, the study found that Canada ranked highest among all seven when it came to the price of mobile phone service, at an average of $41.08 for a basic plan including 150 minutes. However, the average U.S. plan of the same size is only $27, while it falls to $17 in Italy and Germany.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again. This is why Canada needs real competition. Not the faux competition that we get with the Bell/Rogers/Telus oligopoly. But a true national carrier that will force a far more competitive environment when it comes to the cell phone marketplace. Now that can come from inside Canada if a company like Wind or Videotron ever decided to go to town against the “big three” carriers. More likely it will have to come from a foreign company such as Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom.(AKA: T-Mobile) who would have to come in and set up their own coast to coast network. For the latter to happen, you’d need government support to ensure that a foreign entity could come in and set up shop. That’s something that I do not sense that the current Liberal government seems interested in doing. Though they are free to surprise me. All I know is that Canadians need relief from the prices that they pay for cell phone service. But seeing as this is the ninth report to my recollection that has said that Canadians pay too much for cell phone service, one has to wonder if change will ever come.

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