FenSens: The Most Affordable Wireless Parking Sensor

80% of vehicles in the United States don’t have parking sensors, a big reason why there’s over 500,000 backup accidents every year. Parking sensor technology is not available in older model vehicles, and upgrading into a parking system is pricey and requires professional installation. The handy FenSens device is designed for the everyday driver, allowing them to retrofit backup sensors on any car in under 5 minutes with only a screwdriver. The license plate frame, with embedded ultrasonic sensors, detects objects in the driver’s blind spots and notifies them via audio, visual, and vibration alerts on their smartphone. No wiring or professional installation is needed.


At only $99 as a special Indiegogo early bird price, you can now enjoy parking sensor technology in any vehicle with a standard US license plate, without having to mess with wiring or install any additional LCD monitors in the car. Project reached its funding goal in less than 2 weeks from launching.


Current alternatives can be expensive, with dealership installs costing over $1,000 and professional help costing over $300 on Amazon for help with installation of wired kits. With the FenSens, it’s now more affordable than ever, but most importantly, it works right out of the box without professional help.

FenSens Features

  • Bluetooth LE real-time wireless technology.
  • Easy setup – install frame with 4 security screws (prevents theft), download mobile app, and use instantly.
  • Sophisticated anti-theft software and buzzer will sound alarm if a thief tries removing it.
  • Compatible with standard US license plate frames without immediate physical obstructions of the license plate.
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery lasts 5 months and can be recharged via USB by popping out the battery pack and charging it indoors.
  • Waterproof ultrasonic sound sensors with effective range of up to 10 feet.
  • Water and dust-proof IP65 rated design
  • Note: Please review local state license plate rules. FenSens covers about as much space as any traditional license plate frame, but state law requires the license numbers and vehicle registration tabs to be clearly visible.

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