BlackBerry Files Lawsuit Against BLU… & Reinforces Its Trolling Cred

Just weeks after launching a patent lawsuit on Avaya, BlackBerry is at it again. This time they’re launching a patent lawsuit [Warning: PDF] against smartphone maker BLU alleging that the firm infringed upon 15 patents. BlackBerry said that it attempted to resolve the matter by offering BLU fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms to legally license its patents, but that BLU apparently ignored the offer to negotiate a settlement. Clearly this is BlackBerry using the 40,000 or so patents that they have as a revenue source. In other words, they’re patent trolling. This is further backed up by BlackBerry CEO John Chen told investors in an earnings call back in May that he’s in a “patent licensing mode” and is hoping to monetize his company’s 38,000 patents.

The other thing that this suggests is that other Android smartphone makers could be targets of BlackBerry’s trolling efforts soon. LG, Samsung, I’m looking at you when I say that. Thus you might want to get your lawyers on speed dial.


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