WhatsApp Will Share Your Number With Facebook

Seeing as Facebook owns popular messaging app WhatApp, I’m not shocked by this development at all. WhatsApp will apparently start sharing your phone number with Facebook to serve up ads among other things to you. The company outlined in a blog post the kind of interactions it wants to enable, including more targeted ads, being notified by your bank about a potentially fraudulent transaction or being warned about a delayed flight. Connected with this is the release of this new WhatsApp FAQ that has more details.

Now all of this sounds good on the surface. But remember, when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, it was promised that their stance on privacy would not change. Now it appears that it is changing. As a result, here’s another way for Facebook to make you the product. One has to wonder how many users will bail out of the service because of this.

We’re about to find out.


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