World’s First Triple Driver Earphones For Android

At Degauss Labs global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, the company announced a new in-ear headphone powered by two balanced armature driver technology paired with a dynamic armature. This triple driver in-ear personal audio solution: HOWL also stands for Hybrid technology mixing balanced and dynamic armatures. Degauss Labs HOWL is the first triple driver headset with full 3-button Microphone support for Android, thus one of the Worlds most advanced Android headsets.

Back in 2013 Degauss Labs engineers began the journey that culminated in the production of an amazing earphone – the first ever Triple Driver Hybrid Earphone with 3-buttons for Android, iOS and Windows, HOWL. When holding this piece of magic in your hands you will feel Degauss Labs have put you, the user in the center – or should we say front row. HOWL was designed with the user in mind, down to its last molecule. The design philosophy balances Incisive Simplicity, Intriguing Elegance all wrapped up in a Legendary Audio Experience. The result is an aesthetically stunning yet incredible sounding Earphone. Advanced materials and construction techniques were used throughout the process of creating HOWL.

Degauss Labs representatives say that the HOWL lineup should reach the U.S and Europe in the summer of 2016. As for pricing the HOWL series made for Android, iPhone and Windows will be going for $179 (or 149€) including free shipping in the US or EU. 

The product can already be ordered online:


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