Robots and Sexuality in a World First Conference Program

Robots and sexuality will come under the microscope this week at the 12th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers (HCC12) Conference at MediaCityUK in Salford, Greater Manchester from 7-9 September 2016.

With the theme, “Technology and Intimacy: Choice or Coercion?”, the conference is the first to explore how technology is influencing the ways in which humans create and express intimacy. It will feature a keynote by Professor Charles Ess from the University of Oslo on: “What’s love got to do with it?  Robots, sexuality, and the art of being human”.

IFIP TC9 is the group focused on ICT and Society within IFIP, the global professional association for the ICT sector. HCC12 Program Committee Chair, Dr David Kreps of Salford University, said the event will consider the latest research and theories about how humans engage with robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other forms of technology to explore issues of intimacy and sexuality.

There are strong arguments on both sides. David Levy’s 2008 book, “Love and Sex with Robots” suggests that humans will fall in love with and even marry social robots in the not too distant future.  Robotics ethicist, Kathleen Richardson, is campaigning to ban sex robots because she believes these kinds of robots are potentially harmful and will contribute to inequalities in society.

For more information about HCC12 or to register to attend, visit


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