Re-Review: Mailbird Pro

Not so long ago, I posted a review of Mailbird Pro and in short I loved it. My only gripe was that I wished for a Mac version. Fast forward a few months and I am looking at a brand new version of Mailbird Pro. No it doesn’t have a Mac version (Hint: Can you make a Mac version of your app please? I’d buy it tomorrow if you did), but there’s quite a lot here that is new. So I will start with that.

One of the more interesting features is that you can browse the net from Mailbird Pro as they have integrated Google Chrome into the product. Thus Mailbird Pro takes a further step to becoming as close to a “single pane of glass” for all of your Internet activities as you can possibly get to. Now I was dubious of this feature at first. But after using it for a day or so, I can see how it would be very useful for novice users or users who aren’t comfortable with using different apps for different tasks on the Internet. Added to this is Google Search which allows you to search right from MailBird Pro using a right click. That isn’t exactly new as OS X has done this for a while, but it is a very handy feature to have. I have to say that these two features alone have taken a product that was already quite good and made it better. Customizing Mailbird Pro is a focus as well as you can now add your own background, font, colors and sounds too. Plus the company is promising addtional features in the next few weeks that will really add value to Mailbird Pro.

What hasn’t changed is the ease of installation, and how customizable it is, and the amount of functions that it will do. Everything that I said in my original review is still true with this version, which is great as sometimes companies lose sight of their core feature set when they add new features.

Mailbird Pro pricing has changed since I reviewed it a few months ago. It is available for $22.50 for a lifetime, or $1 a month billed annually. If you want to try before you buy, there’s a free lite version of Mailbird that does give you a limited trial of the full Mailbird Pro feature set. My advice is the same as a few months ago. Try it, and I think you’ll be buying it. 


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