Shared Services Canada to Engage ICT Sector to Help Strengthen its IT Transformation Plan

Shared Services Canada (SSC) will soon embark on a series of consultations that support internal efforts to improve and strengthen its way forward. The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) encourages and supports SSC in receiving industry feedback on the IT Transformation Plan that is designed to outline how the department will carry out its mandate to deliver IT services across the Government of Canada.

The IT Transformation plan is a follow-on to the Strategic IT Plan released by Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) last month, who also tabled its Plan as draft with a request for feedback. Both documents are a result of the review with the Public Accounts Committee conducted on Information Technology Shared Services chapter within the Auditor General’s Fall 2015 Report.

Outside of encouraging membership to respond directly through the online mechanisms that will soon launch, ITAC is also working on leadership roundtables to bring best practices to the forefront. Additionally, ITAC will also consolidate member feedback and present formalized comments to SSC to support the final development of the IT Transformation Plan. ITAC is also doing the same for the Strategic IT Plan in an effort to truly shape and strengthen the government-wide approach to IT transformation and modernization.

The engagement around SSC’s IT Transformation Plan is just one of a series of reviews underway to inform the Government of Canadas way forward for the delivery of modernized IT infrastructure services.



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