Review: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited – Part 5

So I have come to the end of the review of the Chrysler Pacifica Limited. I’m going to start off with how much this is all going to cost you and then work towards why you should consider it. The Pacifica starts at $43,995, but the Limited trim level that I had this week starts at $52,995. As equipped, the one that I had this week is $62,340 including destination. However, I will point out that it wasn’t fully loaded as it was missing the built in vacuum cleaner (made by Rigid by the way), and it was missing the ability to open the doors when you kick underneath them. If they were present, you can add another $495 to the price. But other than those items, every possible option was present.

If you were cross shopping the Pacifica against other minivans, the list is short. Honda has the Odyssey, Toyota has the Sienna, and Kia has the Sedona, and there’s the Dodge Caravan as well. That’s not a very long list. But here’s why the Pacifica should be on your shopping list. It actually looks good from the outside as it doesn’t look like another box on wheels. The interior is great, and the best thing is that despite the fact that this is a minivan, you get great fuel economy. I got 10.5 L / 100 KMs this week in mixed city and highway driving. That’s simply outstanding. But if that isn’t enough fuel savings for you, there is a hybrid version coming. Yes, a hybrid minivan. Don’t bother checking because nobody else makes one. It’s also has a ton of technology from safety to entertainment. It simply is above and beyond everything that it competes against. That shouldn’t come as a shock as Chrysler did invent the minivan back in the 1980’s after all. Thus if anyone can take a run at this market and make an impact, Chrysler can. And based on the fact that they sold 401 of them in August in Canada and 923 so far this year in Canada after only having been on the market since the start of the summer, it is clear that they know what the market wants. Which is why I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of Pacifica’s on the road very soon.



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