I Now Have Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet…. And It Works

You might recall that my wife and I got Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet and it came out of the box not working. That led to this story on the subject, which detailed how horribly sideways this experience went from multiple angles. That led to people e-mailing me with their issues with getting Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet to work as advertised. Plus Some of them dumping Rogers for Bell out of frustration. The Rogers Social Media Team to their credit responded to my issue and got the ball rolling to make sure that the issue would get addressed. The issue was escalated to the Office Of The President, which in Rogers speak means that they took the issue very seriously and a senior technician was going to dispatched to look at the my setup. I have to admit that I was dubious that this was going to get addressed, but I decided to go with it.

The technician was scheduled to arrived at 8AM to 10AM on Sunday. He arrived just before 9AM. He started out working at the Rogers box that was outside our building. He made a number of changes in the box that ultimately addressed not only this issue, but gave us better quality HDTV. Now, it was good before, but it is way better now as the picture detail is now much better, and the color contrast was also much better. That implied that we had a problem for a while and never clued in on it because or picked up on it because everything seemed to be fine until we tried to get Gigabit Internet.

But the main reason why this tech was out here was to make the Internet work as advertised. Here’s what the speed was before from the Rogers modem:


Here’s what I am getting now:

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 9.54.17 AM.jpg

As you can see, this is significantly better. You are never going to get 1 Gbps from a consumer Internet provider. But this result is in line with what you should get. Thus I declare this to be acceptable. The tech then came into our unit to do additional testing and to verify that everything was working. He was very professional and thorough which is something that I appreciate.

Now this should be the part where I should celebrate and enjoy my new super fast Internet service. But I’d like to point out something. I have to wonder if the reason why I got this attention was because I have a blog that has 3000 to 5000 people visiting said blog every day. Would the average Rogers customer get this level of attention? Given that I continue to get e-mails on this subject from frustrated Rogers customers, and ex Rogers customers, and this thread on Red Flag Deals continues to grow, it implies that maybe that’s not the case. In an ideal world, a customer should be able get a modem, plug it in, and get the Internet speeds that they pay for. If they can’t get it to work, the customer should be able to find someone who can help resolve the issue in a timely manner with minimal fuss. None of this happened to me. On top of that, promises were made by Rogers Tech Support that had the Social Media Team not intervened, would not have been kept. Rogers needs to address all of that right away as Bell Canada is hyper aggressive in terms of trying to take customers from them based on how often they are in our condo offering us some very attractive deals on a frequent basis. Also none of this helps Rogers pubic perception, which is something that they’ve had problems with in the past. Finally, it doesn’t encourage us to remain customers of Rogers. Seeing as this is a 12 month deal, you can guarantee that we will revisit our relationship with Rogers at that time.

Over to you Rogers.

13 Responses to “I Now Have Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet…. And It Works”

  1. Patrick Moore Says:

    I just got Rogers Gigabit internet. First day, I was getting 250 Mbps. Second day (today), I am getting 40 Mbps. Just awful. Have a technician coming tomorrow and if he can’t fix it, I am dumping Rogers for Bell.

  2. I have gone through the exact same issue as you. Its been going on since Oct 18th when I installed the service. Broken promises. They’ve changed all the wiring. Sr. Tech supposed to show to do something but never did. I don’t know what he’s going to do at my house anyways. I used to be a network engineer and now I manage network engineers so I know what I’m doing and let me tell you how frustrating this is. I’m furious. Took this up to Twitter and got a response immediately. Had @RogersHelp provide assistance – nice guy – ran the same tests. Same results sort of but actually worst. Downstream I do hit 500-600 once in a while. Totally happy with that. I upgraded the service to 1GB to get the 50 Mbps upsteam for work purposes. After signing up and going through all the support calls I find out that my area has a max set to 30 Mbps. Fine, I don’t care. I was hoping to get at least 15-20 MBps upstream. I get between 1.6-6 Mbps. I have hit 10 once. Rogers sucks. I am hoping that bell gigabit fibe comes in our area soon so I can make the switch.

    I spoke to the loyalty department at Rogers and the person I spoke to was absolutely un-empathetic. Probably the worst loyalty person to be working at any service provider. She was completely unwilling to help. In fact belittled me to the point where I was left speechless. I signed a 2-yr term. I do have 7 days left under the buyers-remorse clause but I am hoping that twitter postings will help push this into some sort of resolution before that – I need the speed and unfortunately Bell does not provide anything more than 50Mbps/10Mbps service.

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  4. […] their customers without having things go sideways. Something that I got caught up in before having Rogers hop through hoops to resolve the issues that I had. Though to be fair, they are currently in the midst of doing upgrades to their network that may […]

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  6. […] UPDATE: I should have pointed out this is our second go round in trying to get decent quality Internet from Rogers. Here’s what happened the first time, and what Rogers had to do to resolve those issues. […]

  7. Rockinder Singh Sobti Says:

    I just got Gigabite Ignite today and after the support person left we have been “trying” to watch some IPTV whiles kids are watching thier stuff on laptop. and everyone is complaining, the speed check shows 67.23 mbps download from rogers speed check.

    • Clearly something is wrong. You need to push to get a tech to come on site to diagnose what the issue is. Ask them to do a line test and look at the signal to noise ratio and power levels for each channel. And by push, I do mean PUSH as Tech Support will resist.

  8. Right, so we have experienced some similar challenges with this “Ignite Gigabit” service. First, I have been told that it is available at my address when I was sold on it back in November 2016, then 4 months later was told that it wasn’t, then told again over the last week that it was. The highest speeds that I’ve seen yet have gotten up to 250mbps but on average as of the last few days I’m pulling a whopping 150mbps. I’ve spent about 4 hours on the phone with CSRs, TSRs, and Customer Retention. I had a tech out who said that he sees this all the time but couldn’t find a hardware issue after changing all of the connectors and nodes. Just on the principles alone I will keep plugging away to get this resolved but the outlook isn’t looking great as of now.

  9. […] you look the issues that I’ve had with Rogers Internet where the first time I had issues, Rogers had to hop through hoops to to resolve those issues after I posted to social media and got escalated to The Office Of The President. Then look at the […]

  10. I had a very similar experience with Rogers “gigabit” service. They offered me a compelling deal so I decided to upgrade from my existing 250u plan. Three modems, three visits and countless interactions later I was still getting the same speeds as my 250u plan and sometimes worse.
    The service technician that came to my house seemed quite frustrated with Rogers. He told me that he has personally NEVER seen anyone get gigabit speed. So I cancelled and went back to my original plan.

    One thing I disagree with the author on is never being able to achieve full gigabit speed. You should be able to achieve nearly FULL gigabit speed under ideal conditions. Even in less than ideal conditions, I wouldn’t be happy with 786 mbps. I expect to be able to hit 90%+ of the advertise speed.

    Bottom line, if you have the option of going with Bell’s gigabit–or better yet, Beanfield if you’re downtown–then go with them. I find Rogers’ connection too laggy and jittery anyway.

  11. Well… I was encouraged to upgrade from 250u to 500u. WiFi connection with new modem is pretty bad. I am sitting 3 feet from the modem and my maximum wifi peak speed is between 120 and 150 Mbps. I understand – it is wireless. What I don’t understand is the distance – 3ft?!?!? Upstairs in the bedroom – speed is not more than 60 Mbps (on 5G). When I connect laptop with wired ethernet – the speed goes above 400Mbps, but periodically stays around 100 Mbps, and then I recycle modem. How many laptops, smart phones, tablets are wired in my house? None. Having said that I decided to go back to Ignite 250u. Ups,…. not an option any more. So I am switching down to Ignite 150u, which will probably be not great experience. I am so “excited”….

  12. […] get 450 to 500 Mbps. I was going to say that I had a problem with my area as this unfortunately is not the first rodeo when it comes to dealing with substantially slower speeds with Rogers gigabit […]

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