Bilinguals are more attractive, say 68% of English Canadians: Babbel

Almost 70% of English Canadians think that speaking a foreign language makes a person more attractive, according to a new survey by Babbel. The leading language learning app polled English Canadians on their perception of languages. The survey also revealed that not only is French considered the most useful second language, but also that it makes a person seem cleverer.

Although Canada is increasingly diversified linguistically, it may not come as a surprise that 47 percent of English Canadians think French is the most useful foreign language, followed by Spanish (43 percent) and German (5 percent). A lot of business is conducted between Quebec and English Canada and being bilingual definitely helps when working with colleagues or different companies; not to mention it is an attractive skill set to have as it’s a sign of experience and education.

In addition to identifying French as the most useful foreign language, 41 percent of English Canadians believe that French as a second language makes people seem cleverer. German (18 percent) and Spanish (16 percent) came in second and third place.

Notable survey findings also include:

  1. Exaggeration of language skills: 14 percent of English Canadians have exaggerated their language skills on a resume.
  2. Hardest to learn: The top five hardest languages to learn according to English Canadians are Russian (33 percent), German (14 percent), Indonesian (13 percent), Turkish (10 percent) and French (9 percent).
  3. Easiest to learn: The easiest languages to learn are Spanish (37 percent), French (34 percent), Italian (12 percent), German (9 percent) and Dutch 92 percent).
  4. Language barriers: 21 percent of English Canadians have decided to not visit a country because they don’t speak the language.

The survey was answered by more than 2,000 Canadian Babbel users; more than 700 from English Canada. The survey was conducted during spring 2016.


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