Husqvarna Limberjack Goes Pink In October

In honour and recognition of all female loggers and arborists around the world, the chainsaw in the Virtual Reality game Husqvarna Limberjack will turn pink for the month of October.  

Husqvarna Limberjack is the world’s first online VR limbing and logging experience and was launched by Husqvarna 2016. The chainsaw VR experience is part of Husqvarna’s commitment to explore new possibilities that can help improve skills and safety within tree care. During October, the developers have changed the colour of the in-game chainsaw from orange to pink. This is an initiative can serve as a reminder to raise awareness and funds that will help find a cure for breast cancer.  

How to play

The Husqvarna VR experience brings the player to a beautiful mountainside with a lake where the player has to use a pink Husqvarna 359 chainsaw to remove 24 branches from a 2.7 meter long log. The player needs to pick up the chainsaw and remove the branches as accurately and quickly as possible. Just like a professional tree worker, the player needs to limb fast, and with precision. The game is optimized for HTC Vive and can be downloaded for free on Steam and also available via

About limbing

Limbing is a difficult and time consuming part of professional logging that requires good technique. It refers to the process of removing branches from a fallen tree before the log is transported away. Husqvarna Limberjack is inspired by one of the five disciplines from the World Logging Championship, a bi-annual competition that gathers the best best loggers from around the world.

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