John Chen Speaks About The Future Of BlackBerry Devices

After deep sixing all in house development of BlackBerry devices last week, you knew that BlackBerry would have explain this decision. Thus I was not surprised that a blog post from BlackBerry CEO John Chen has appeared to put some spin on this. In it he says:

Licensing the BlackBerry device software experience allows us to leverage our core strengths to provide secure, connected, and inherently mobile solutions. It also allows us to expand the mobility choices available to our customers by bringing BlackBerry security and productivity applications to a wider audience across multiple platforms and devices.

That of course assumes that there are companies who want to jump in with both feet. So far there’s only one. Could there be more in the pipeline? Who knows? He also said this:

A key element of our strategy is continual development of our Mobility Solutions software products and services roadmap, including the upcoming BB 10.3.3 release, continued commitment to rapid software updates and feature development for our secure Android software platform, and continued repairs and support of in-market BlackBerry devices.

So if you are one of the few people who have a BlackBerry device, you will not be abandoned. At least, not today. Tomorrow however is a different story.

You can assume that this is not the end of this story. Not by a long shot.



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