Goldmoney Inc. Releases New Goldmoney App for iOS & Android

Goldmoney Inc., a financial technology company operating a global, 100%-reserved gold-based financial network, today announced the release of the new and improved Goldmoney App for iOS and Android devices – the only mobile app that allows users to easily and securely buy gold at the touch of a button, send and receive payments for free, and view real-time gold prices in 150 currencies.

Goldmoney App Features

Goldmoney Personal and Business

  • Free Goldmoney account sign up.
  • Real-time gold price chart in 150 currencies.
  • Secure 100%-reserved and allocated gold deposits in choice of vaults.
  • Free instant gold transfers to anyone via email and mobile phone.
  • Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid card request and activation.
  • Multiple redemption options: Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid, bank transfer, Goldmoney Physical (10g Cubes, 1kg bullion bars, sovereign coins, and more).
  • Goldmoney Business account management and tools, including: Invoices, payouts, and payment status tracking.

Goldmoney Wealth

  • Goldmoney Holding access and management.
  • Goldmoney Mastercard Prepaid card request and activation.
  • Secure 100%-reserved and allocated precious metals deposits (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) in choice of vaults.
  • Precious metal buy, sell, and exchange.
  • Client contact with personal Relationship Manager.


The new Goldmoney App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Supported devices currently include iPhone (iOS 8.0 or later) and Android smartphones (4.1 and up). Support for iPad and Android tablets will be available at a later date.

There is a related blog entry here for your reading pleasure. 



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