ZTE Announces Top 5 Project CSX Concepts

ZTE has announced the top five mobile device concepts selected by consumers and judges from submissions around the world. Consumers can vote starting today through October 19 at http://www.projectcsx.info/ to determine which device ZTE will build next.

The top five mobile concepts consumers can vote from, in no particular order, are:


Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone: A true hands-free experience that allows you to scroll up or down based on eye movement and a self-adhesive back that would allow the phone to stick to a wall or flat surface.


Intelligent Smartphone Covers: Expend the power of a smartphone through functional cases such as a gamepad, stylus or e-ink flip cover.


Powerglove: An exo-glove that controls your fingers for use in learning or rehabilitation settings, all powered by your Android smartphone.


Stock Android Flagship Phone: The next generation of Axon to include stock Android as well as improvement in performance and camera.


VR-Interactive Diving Mask: A waterproof VR mask allows you to swim in a pool or lake and feel like you’re in the open ocean.

The idea that accumulates the most votes will be deemed as the grand prize winner. In addition to dreaming and conceiving ZTE’s next mobile device, the ultimate Project CSX winner will also receive an all-expenses trip to the 2017 International Consumer Electronics held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To learn more about the top five concepts and Project CSX visit community.zteusa.com.


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