A Day Trip To The Halton County Raidal Railway

I am a bit of a transit junkie. Streetcars, subways among other things interest me. But I recently discovered a place that houses the history of transit vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area. That place is called the Halton County Radial Railway which is located in Milton, Ontario which is about 45 minutes north west of Toronto. It’s a museum that holds streetcars that are working and in the process of being rebuilt. Plus it has two kilometers of streetcar track which you can take a streetcar ride and stop at a ice cream shop along the way. The reason why this place is important to transit enthusiasts is that cities like London and New York have transit museums. Thus it’s great that someone who has decided to preseve this history. So my wife and I paid a visit and I brought the ZTE Axon 7 to snap some photos and videos. Here’s some highlights starting with some restored streetcars:


They also had a couple of restored subway cars:


They also have some train rolling stock such as this CP Caboose and VIA rail sleeper car:


But the real draw is the working streetcars that you can take a ride on. The yellow streetcar in front is a TTC Rail Grinding car, and the one in the rear is a TTC streetcar built in 1923.


Here’s a 4K video ofthe rail grinding car in action.Please set it to 4K and full screen:

The only thing that you need to be aware of is that cell service at the musem is poor. I had no cell sevice on my Fido phone from the moment I arrived to the moment that I left. My wife on her Rogers phone had 1 bar at best. Thus if you need to be reachable, that might be a problem. But other than that, this is a great day trip for those with kids and those who hve an interest in transit. The museum is open between the first Saturday in May to the last Sunday in October. It’s very much worth taking a drive out to as it will be a great experience for transit enthusiasts, kids, or those those who are kids at heart. 


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