Aviva Canada hosts first-ever 24-hour Broker Hackathon

Aviva Canada held their first-ever Broker Hackathon last week with their President’s Club and Digital Brokers. The Hackathon garnered over 60 innovative ideas on ways to improve interactions between customers, brokers, and Aviva with an emphasis on delivering a great user experience for all.

Of the more than 60 ideas submitted, four ideas were chosen to move forward to the Hackathon where each team of hackers had only 24 hours to turn their ideas into a working prototype.

The four amazing ideas presented at the Broker Hackathon included:

  • People’s Choice and Winner: Commercial Catalyst (Excalibur Insurance) Simple, quick and easy way for brokers and customers to quote and bind small commercia business; a responsive web-based platform that allows brokers integration with Aviva’s rates.

Digital/Mobile Pink Slips (RDA Insurance)

  • Provide flexibility to allow customers to download pink slips to their smartphone’s passbook/wallet as proof of insurance coverage.

Aviva Intelligence (Excalibur Insurance)

  • Aviva artificial intelligence chat bot to improve broker and client experience using guided statements and machine learning.

Pop-up Note Templates (Aviva Canada)

  • Create a common space in the broker portal to capture information that can be shared across the business and assist brokers, underwriters and claims adjusters alike.

“Congratulations to our People’s Choice and Winner, Commercial Catalyst by Excalibur Insurance for their winning idea,” says Jason Storah, Executive Vice President, Broker Distribution. “We’re awestruck and inspired to see all four amazing ideas come to life in just 24 hours. Aviva Canada is committed to backing these prototypes so we can innovate the way we deliver our services to brokers and customers digitally.”

“The Broker Hackathon idea for Digital/Mobile Pink Slips comes at the most opportune time in light of the recent announcement from Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) approving a plan to introduce an electronic option for proof of auto insurance,” said Karin Ots, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Government Relations. “This is a good example of how consumers and technology are driving our business forward and the need for agile, nimble regulatory response. We look forward to offering Digital/Mobile Pink Slips to our customers and brokers in the very near future.”


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